Fall Fashion: What to Splurge and Save On

Every Canadian woman knows it’s exciting to slip on fall’s first pair of tights, bundle up in a scarf or pull-on buttery leather boots. But for the average fall fashion-seeker, not every designer coat or lambskin bag is attainable. While it seems savvy to buy everything at a discount, sometimes splurging is the smartest choice to make when shopping (ie, key pieces that you can wear from season to season hold more value than a closet full of cheap, trendy clothes).

Discover which fall items should be based on quality (and come with the price tag) and which items can save you some cash.


A leather satchel:  Pack away the canvas and embroidered bags of summer and get ready for something more business oriented. Bring your leather satchel on a plane, to work, to school, shopping or out for dinner. In order to keep up with this multi-purpose bag, you will need to buy good quality leather in a versatile color with pretty details: See Michael Kors Fall 2010.  Bonus: you can use this bag for years to come, so really, your pretty penny spent can be amortized over the next 5 years.

A shearling coat: Literally this season’s must have coat as seen on stars like Claire Danes, Rachel Bilson and Alexa Chung. A shearling coat will have you named the IT girl of the season but also keep you toasty in the bitter winter. And hey, that brisk winter is inevitable so your coat will not go to waste when the trend runs out.

Leather Boots: These boots were made for walkin’ “ yes, this is a famous song but don’t you often find yourself wondering, were they really made for walking? Fake leather, a barely-there sole and lack of warmth are the sad truths about cheap boots. Why not invest in a pair that will last you throughout the season and give you that extra spring to your step all winter long. Look to Steve Madden, Farryl Robin and Frye for the best in trends, comfort and price range.


An Army Jacket: Trendy and cute but has no warmth or versatility. Military jackets are a stylish fad but in the end they are for the in between weather days. The best way to solve your craving for the newest must have jacket is at a vintage store. Be a soldier and search through the racks and perhaps you’ll uncover the Marc Jacobs runway look alike for $10.99. 

Leopard Accessories: The best way to jazz up a modest outfit is with some wild accessories, literally. But, animal print trends come and go so it is pointless to spend the big bucks on these trendy add-ons. Follow the trend by grabbing a leopard print scarf or bag at discount stores like Winners or TJ Maxx.

Bold Bling: Costume jewellery is once again all the rage for a night out on the town or with a white t and your vintage military jacket. But stay true to the name and buy real costume jewellery, in other words, the cheap stuff. There is no sense in buying a statement making, diamond and jewel encrusted necklace for a night out with the girls¦ unless you are the Queen of course. 

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