The Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Socks in Spring

They came, they saw, they conquered “ they stayed. Yes, socks have staked their claim on yet another season, and while we’ve recovered from the shock of seeing them paired with clogs and minis, the approach to traditional foot-covers has evolved since their roaring debut last year. So in order to prepare you, here’s how you can adapt socks for spring 2011 and what to avoid while doing so.

Use Discretion

One of the first things to remember when pairing together socks, shoes and (or) sandals is that regardless of what Lookbook would have you believe, it’s possible to come across looking costume-y or over the top with something so small. Thus, if your ensemble’s already relatively embellished, you may want to stick with tights or bare legs since socks can take away from a statement piece or your new favourite shoes. But if your heart’s set on them? Stick to beiges and greys since they’ll still be seen without hijacking over your outfit.

Slip on a pair of HUE’s Vertical Stripe Multi Net Tights to top off your ensemble, $18.

S - HUE Tights 300x400

Stick to 2011

Though the season’s been defined by 20th century inspiration, it’s important to remember that while you may be lost in a 90s obsession, you don’t want to look like you’re stuck in 1996. Last year, the resurgence of the foxcore/grunge aesthetic helped bring back knee socks, but with such a push on midi skirts and A-line cuts, spring 2011 calls for ankle styles or tights. Of course, if you’re paying tribute to the 1970s, go wild: just remember the fine line between over-the-top and appropriate (read: no short-shorts and knee socks), and respect it accordingly.

Go for a modern-retro vibe with Urban Outfitters’ Heathered Thigh High in Burnt Orange, $14.

S - UO Thigh High 300x400

Avoid Going Overboard

Wearing socks and shoes can look fantastic, but like any trend, the last thing you want is to make it your thing. (This, coming from a girl who wore berets for six straight months and has the photos to prove it.) Like with any seasonal affinity, make sure to maintain your own vibe while adopting what’s in. Meaning? If you’re already showcasing loud prints, denim suits and ballerina skirts, you may want to lay off the socks until you’re donning a simple midi dress or a more minimalist piece.

For a simple look, try Free People’s Ruffle Slouch Sock in Ivory, $15.23.

S - Free People Slouch Sock 300x400


Investing in socks may seem ridiculous, but if you plan on making them a focal point of your overall ensemble, to don inappropriate (read: workout socks) or faded, old styles will only take away from your outfit and make you look mismatched. Like the people who insist that leggings are pants or that belly shirts are for everyone, to don a pair of unflattering socks will only misinterpret the trend. Thus, if you’re hoping to make a statement with socks and shoes (or sandals), find a quality pair that are appropriate to be seen and wear them with pride.

This spring, invest in American Apparel’s Girly Lace Ankle Sock in Sea Green & Nude, $11.

S - American Apparel Ruffle Sock 300x400

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