What Summer Trends to Bring Into Fall

And with the falling leaves and plunging temperatures, summer announces its exit. But while you may be pondering whether to abandon last season’s wardrobe or to attempt and incorporate it into the rest of our autumn attire, we’ve inventoried our own to help answer your questions. So with thriftiness and staying true to the season in mind, here are the summer trends to bring into fall.

Surprising as it may seem, leather shorts became a must-have item of summer 2011, as the controversial look was anchored by tucked-in, loose-fitting tank tops and paired with blazers and wedge heels. This season, leather returns. And while you can easily pick up a skirt or a pair of leather pants, you can also wear your existing leather shorts with a long-sleeve button-up and pair of print or opaque tights “ a combination perfect for nights out with friends or even for a more formal setting.

Wide-legged Pants
While cigarette pants and form-fitting skirts have been the buzzwords of Fall 2011, the ˜70s trend that began last spring is still essential the current fashion landscape. And while there was a reprieve from full-length attire on the hottest days of the year, it’s once again time to bring out those wide-legged styles. Worn with a ˜60s-inspired cardigan or even a short-sleeved blouse with a Peter Pan collar, wide-legged trousers are perfect for the pre-winter boot season, reversing the skinny pants/loose-fitting shirt combination that’s once again surfaced. Just avoid going retro overboard.

Last season, we saw lace worn over camisoles to help create flirty, delicate looks, and with such a push towards the super-feminine this fall, it’s easy to make those summer staples focal points of your autumn wardrobe. Whether worn overtop of a tank or with a belted cardigan, the subtlety of the classic fabric can work alongside vintage revival by capitalizing on the feminine styles boasted by Marc Jacobs and Chanel, or keep gentleman-inspired looks (showcased by the likes of Paul Smith) from looking overly masculine.

Power-suits were seen in full force this spring and summer, but instead of trading in Working Girl for Sterling Cooper Draper Price, just apply autumn trends to these styles by belting jackets at the waist, tucking in tops and wearing a crisp button-up blouse underneath. Despite the changes made to blazers over the past year, it’s a staple not to be replaced. And while ˜80s isn’t necessarily what’s in for fall, you can balance out spring’s shoulder pads by donning cigarette pants and wedge boots to keep your silhouette balanced and form-fitting.


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