Denim vs Jeggings: Which do you prefer?

Ladies, I know you can all agree with me when I say that I can live in leggings. They are comfy and look great with just about anything. But wouldn’t it be great to achieve the same comfort of a legging with the look of denim?

Well that’s where jeggings come in, the genius creation where you can enjoy the comfort of leggings with the look of denim. Jeggings are great when you want to achieve that very form fitted look because it fits exactly like a legging. But for those days that you want to have the more laid back look you can always count on the trusty denim. Of course there are different denim fits for every possible denim style imaginable and if you really want that form fitting look you can always resort back to the skinny denim style.

Is there really competition between the two? Maybe not, the denim is definitely a lot more versatile than the jegging but it would be nice to switch over to the jegging side every once in a while to show the world that you’re not completely ancient with your style and that you do know what’s in.

S - Rihanna Leggings 300x400S - Sienna Miller Jeggings 300x400

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