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Fashion blogs often consist of strategically planned and themed outfits that you may never see on the streets. Taking high fashion and making it wearable, and street style appropriate, is truly a gift. These five fabulous bloggers of fashion have mastered the art of fashionable street style. So check out their street style here, and then check out their blogs when you get a chance, because these are some talented and fashionable ladies.

1) Leandra Medine
This fashionista made her mark on the fashion scene by taking the concept of dressing for yourself, over dressing for men, to new levels. Her Man Repeller blog posts often feature extreme articles of clothing that would make most men cringe. Her street style still possesses that Man Repelling quality, but on a more subdued level. She can often be spotted in loose fitting boyfriend jeans or a long skirt, paired with a stellar pair of heels, and lots of layers on top. Not to mention, she never leaves the house without the proper accessories.

Leandra Medine

2) Hanneli Musaparta
She always captures the best model street style shots for her self-titled blog. And her own modeling background often gets her featured on the off duty model street style blogs herself. She has an eclectic style that often pairs modern pieces with vintage pieces to create a look that’s all her own. Being on both sides of the camera has obviously taught her a lot about what works and what doesn’t. Her clothes always suit her unique style, and the current trends, perfectly.

Hanneli Mustaparta

3) Geri Hirsch
I chose this trendsetter because her style and her blog – Because I’m Addicted – is for lack of a better word, addictive! Geri can take trends that are hard to pull off, and make them look effortless and casual. Gigantic shoulders, floor-length skirts, and fur-trimmed coats are no problem for this fashion blogger. She has definitely learned a thing or two from her years of blogging and commenting other people’s style.

Geri Hirsch

4) Carolina Engman
The leading lady of Fashion Squad is the epitome of a street style blogger. Only instead of posting pictures of other people on the streets, she posts pictures of herself on the streets. Which leads me to believe that the clothes she features on her blog are actually what she wears in her day-to-day life. She always looks polished and put together, whether she is sporting the colour blocking trend, animal print, or a funky hat.\

Carolina Engman

5) Kelly Framel
When you see street style photos of Kelly Framel one word that might come to your head is glamorous. Her blog, which is appropriately titled The Glamourai, features professional qualities photos of herself draped in beautiful clothing. She often experiments with different patterns and textures and the mixing of said patterns and textures. She is rarely spotted in public without sky-high strappy stilettos and an adorable bag. And her pixie hairstyle really sets her apart from the usual long bohemian haired fashion blogger. 

Kelly Framel

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