Accessories Overload!

It’s an arm party and everyone is invited! Okay, well if we promise never to write anything like that again, will you at least attend? Awesome. The arm party “ or the wearing of a lot of bracelets simultaneously, if you want to get technical “ has been a must-do for the past few years, and shows no signs of slowing down this season. Here’s how you can wear a plethora of accessories simultaneously, and keep this arm party hopping.

1. Show no fear
This isn’t a drill, you guys. In terms of wearing a lot of bracelets at once, don’t see it as getting your feet wet with an accessory here or a bangle there. This is just like the Internet meme: ALL of the bracelets! So load up on as much as you can, and don’t look back.

2. Keep it balanced
However, you can’t just load up one arm and leave the other one out. Use smaller bracelets to balance the one arm if you’ve got a slew of thicker bracelets on the other, and even it out: if you’ve got three thick bracelets on one arm, add two or three small ones in to balance. And vice versa. Just don’t over-think it.

3. When in doubt, add more
Ask yourself this: what would Iris Apfel do? Iris is famous for loading up on accessories and wearing what she wants to buy Viagra from, so take a page from her book of awesome. Care less about how you come across, and more about how you feel. These are bracelets “ they’re meant to be fun! Don’t get hung up on the right or wrong way to carry them off. Mix and match, keep it colourful, and opt for novelties like skulls and spikes “ even all at the same time. You don’t want anything to look uniformly.

4. Just don’t go overboard overboard
A good rule of thumb when attempting the arm party is this: make sure you can move your arms. If you’re starting to feel like you’re doing the robot, take a few off. Other than that, pile them on! 

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