One Celeb, Four Looks: Leighton Meester

While most know her as the egocentric yet ever-so endearing Blair Waldorf, this It-girl can do more than dig into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite (we feel like her real-life may not be that different). From a small-town singer in Country Strong, to her latest role in the thriller The Roommate, it seems Leighton can take on any job tossed in her direction.

But it’s not just her on-screen talent that has people buzzing; her fashion style is just as commendable. Here are four of our favourite looks from this distinguished star, and tips on how to pull them off:   

Look One: Classic Girly

At the People’s Choice Awards 2011, Leighton stood out in a classic Vionnet dress, and Brian Atwood’s purple patent leather Ella pumps. Her outfit shone beside the monochromatic dresses of the night, even though her adornments were minimal. Her coral cascading earrings corresponded perfectly with the accents on her dress, and the violet heels brought out the deep, blueish tones within her outfit.

This celeb is familiar enough with the conventional look (hello, Blair Waldorf) to know a statement piece when she sees one. Who wants to hide behind an abundance of accessories, when the dress is the main attraction? Take it from Leighton, and find a garment that speaks volumes on its own. If you add accessories, make sure they build on your look instead of becoming a distraction.

S - PCA 250x350S - PCA 250x350

Look Two: Bohemian Chic

Leighton was spotted on Jan. 5, departing from LAX Airport (in Los Angeles).  Even in midst of jet-lag and flying for hours on end, her bohemian-chic, slouch look is nothing short of fashionable.This celeb proves a girl needn’t spend hours perfecting her look when entering the publics’ limelight.

While her look is casual, there is a fine line between boho and grub. She knows how to get cameras a’ flashin for all the right reasons (not to mention a little furry friend as an added accessory). In order to achieve this look, scope out a slouchy wool-sweater, with a popping print. Leighton’s hat subtly matches the tones in her sweater, and the limp, lounge look – without coordinating too perfectly (a known fashion faus pas).

S - LAX 250x350S - LAX 250x350

Look Three: Conventional Beauty

Leighton’s sheer elegance was taken to an entirely new level at the Golden Globes this year, as she graced the red carpet in a Burberry nude crepon print dress. She completed her outfit with a Louis Vuitton clutch, and Jimmy Choo shoes. Her rose coloured lips contrast her gown perfectly, and the gold adornments played up the hues in her dress. This girl sure knows how to squeeze the golden out of Golden Globes.

While this fashionista’s dress (with its delicate slit down the centre) had heads turning in every direction, it would be easy for this statement piece to transform into a fashion no-no. Leighton knows better. She focuses on the plush fabric, and uses it as a guide to locate the proper colours for her accessories. 

S - GG 250x350S - GG 250x350

Look Four: Diva Glam

From a classic, sophisticated appearance to a cutesy-feminine appeal, Leighton can switch up her look just as quickly as she does movie roles. While promoting her new shampoo line, Leighton was spotted in a Versus little back dress paired with an eye-catching pair of Pierre Hardy high-heeled shoes. Her flowing locks paralleled her ballerina-esque dress, which cinched in at the middle to accentuate her curves.  

If there’s one thing we can learn from this fashion icon, it’s that there are multiple looks that best suit a person, so long as you know how to wear them. So find yourself a little black dress (a must-have closet staple) that is tailored to fit your body type, and it will instantly exude confidence.

S - Versus11 250x350S - Versus11 250x350

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