Your Date’s Body Language

Reading a man’s mind can be as difficult as driving Braille.  Take a look at 29Secret’s ABCs of body language and you’ll be able to gauge whether there’s a fulfilling scenic road ahead or if the potential course of your courtship is rapidly heading south. 

When he glimpses you for the first time that night, watch his eyes, eyebrows, lips and nostrils.  The saying, “the eyes are the window to the soul,“ was first uttered for a reason.  Eye contact, especially when his pupils are dilated, indicates interest as well as attraction.  An eyebrow lift indicates excitement, attraction and serves as a subconscious invitation.  Yum!  Watch his smackers; if his lips momentarily part when he sees you, this is a sign that you entice and arouse him.  If his nostrils flare as if he’s taking in extra air, this indicates excitement and is an advantageous sign that he’s opening up.   

Throughout your date, watch for basic signs in his body posture.  Does he sit close to you?  If you inch forward, does he lean in or inch forward in return?  Does his head tilt toward yours?  Do his feet point towards you when seated or standing?  Are his palms open and facing upward?  These signs all indicate that he is open, comfortable and is interested and engaged.  How is his posture?  If he stands or sits up straight, it’s usually an effort to show off his physique in an advantageous way; standing with his hands casually on his hips is an encouraging example of this. . 

Conversely, if he is fidgeting or tapping something with a far off gaze, he’s probably lost interest.  Take this as your cue to change the subject or readjust your own body language to your advantage.  If his arms are crossed, this can be a sign that he is closed off to conversation and possibly to you.  Drop your fork or make an innocuous gesture to encourage him to open his arms and inevitably his mind.  If he never loosens up, let this one go.  As my Daddy always said, “they’re just like buses; there’ll be another one along any minute.”

If his body language does seem open, watch for more behavior patterns.  For instance, coy behavior such as tilting his head down then peering up at you with a subtle smile shows interest with a hint of vulnerability.  In other words, bashful behavior can indicate that he’s totally smitten and his heart could be yours for the taking.  Be on the look out for his preening habits.  Is he smoothing his lapel or adjusting his hair?  If so, he’s making a gesture to look appealing to you.  Also watch for mirroring body language.  If he mimics some of your gestures and/or body language, this is a strong sign that he is trying to establish common ground and a connection with you through physical signals.  If you’re not sure if he’s mirroring, subtly change up your gestures to see if he will follow.  This can be an incredibly fun game and a fantastic indicator. 

Leading you through a room by the small of your back or guiding you by your arm is also a sure fire sign that he’s attentive, wants to touch you and is proud to be with you.  Not to mention the fact that being led through a room by the small of your back can be one of the sexiest displays of gentlemanly behavior on earth.  Offering you an open palm, as an escort, is exactly what it seems – an open-handed invitation.

So next time you’re on a date with the potential Mister Right, pay attention to the course he’s subconsciously steering towards.  His words may betray him, but his body language rarely will.

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