What Your Guy Type Says About You

Have you ever shown someone photos of your ex-boyfriends only to have them awkwardly comment, “Uh, these guys all seem kind of the same”? If yes, it’s probably because you have a certain “type” of guy that you dig. Here is what your guy type says about you.

1) The Geek:
There is something very alluring and sexy about super intelligent men. Once overlooked in the dating pool, nerds are now hot and calling the shots (hello Joseph Gordon Levitt, Justin Long and Malcolm Gladwell). If these are the kinds of guys you are attracted to it means that you value brains & quirkiness in the people you date.  If you often find yourself making up any excuse to go to the Apple Store just so that you can stare into the eyes of the horn-rimmed bespectacled cutie on the other side of the Genius Bar, it probably means that you love nerds. The downside of dating nerds: It might be hard to tear them away from their laptop. The upside: once you’ve had your way with him he’ll probably fix your computer.

2) The Suit:
He’s career driven, powerful, successful, and you can’t get enough. Examples of famous “suits”: Chris Noth in Sex and the City, or Jon Hamm in Mad Men. If you’re drawn to the this type of guy it probably means that you’re quite the go-getter yourself and are attracted to strong personalities whose ambition and lust for life mirrors your own. You also probably share a mutual appreciation for the finer things in life. If your number one sexual fantasy involves you, him and some steamy after-hours boardroom sex, you’re probably a suit girl. The downside to dating “suits”: sometimes work over-rules play. The upside: if he’s able to tear himself away from his blackberry, a date with him usually involves gourmet dinners, opera tickets & drinking champagne in the backseat of his town car.

chris noth is the ultimate suit
Chris Noth

3) The Bad Boy:
These guys are irresistible because they are spontaneous, fun, sexy, and have an air of danger about them. Think Kanye West, Justin Bobby, Colin Farell or the all time classic bad boy James Dean. If you’re attracted to this kind of guy it could mean that you love challenging men and complicated relationships. You tell people that you don’t like drama but if this were the truth you wouldn’t be dating bad boys. The upside of bad boys: passion, motorcycle rides, adventure and unpredictability. The downside: If you’re looking for a stable relationship, you might never get what you want from him. Enjoy the hot sex and motorcycle rides while you can.

Kanye West is ultimate bad boy
Kanye West

4) The Indie-Rocker-Artist-Hipster:
These scruffy yet adorable guys can be found scribbling in their notebooks at your local coffee shop, playing in your favorite band or hanging out at hip dive bars, swigging from a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon. Think: Bon Iver, Sam Roberts, Kings of Leon, etc. If you’re into this kind of guy it means that thrive on being around creative people and like guys who don’t conform to the status quo. It also means that you’re not opposed to flannel, ironic haircuts and facial hair. The upside to dating the Indie-Rocker-Artist-Hipster type: you always have a front row seat whenever his band plays. The downside: his American Apparel V-neck is lower than yours and you might have to get him to wash his hair before he meets your Mom.

Bon Iver Justin Vernon
Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon


5) The Douche-bag/Player:
Douchebags can come in all shapes and sizes (just like Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston learned the hard way about John Mayer). If you’re dating this kind of guy it probably means that you’re used to being yelled at, having your friends yelled at, being kicked out of restaurants, and generally alienating everyone who encounters you and your beau. Think, Spencer Pratt: poster-boy for crazy douche-bags everywhere. If you find that people always hate your boyfriends or, that your friends keep holding interventions in your honor, this is a sign that you like douche-bags. If you’re attracted this kind of guy it means that you haven’t figured out that you deserve to be treated well by the people you date. It’s ok -we’ve all made this mistake at some point in our dating careers. The trick is to learn to identify the D-bag early in the game and kick him to the curb.

John Mayer is a player
John Mayer



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