New Dating Trend: Exerdating

This hot new dating trend is for the ultimate multitasker. Hailing from New York, exerdating combines exercise with – you guessed it – a date. If you share a great connection with a potential partner, this could help move things along nicely. And if you don’t, instead of wasting time on a bad date you’ll know that you did the work to look even better for the next one (leave it to the New Yorkers to make every minute count). But does exerdating really work, and would you even consider trying it? 

According to this article in the New York Post, it does work. And if fitness is already an important part of your life, it might just be the best dating trend you’ve ever tried. After all, why not bond over something that you both care about and practice regularly? Exercise can also reveal a lot about a person, from how much they care about the way they look to how competitive they are. 

Is your date someone who likes to take good care of him or herself in a healthy way and is willing to get sweaty for a good workout? Or are they more concerned about the beads of sweat ruining their hair and how red their face is getting? 

You might also get an insight into how encouraging versus competitive your date is. If they push you to do better, great. If they revel in leaving you in the dust, you might want to reconsider that second date – no matter how good the guns are. 

There is also a lot to be said for stripping down to spandex and running shoes, with little to no makeup on. In any long term relationship, no one wants to keep up the charade of waking up with a shine-free face and no dark circles. It’s downright exhausting. How great would it be if we could just get that out of the way on the first date? No more sneaking off to the bathroom in the morning to put concealer on. Imagine that! 

Exerdating is a great tool for bonding and discovering what other interests you share. And if the date isn’t going so well, you can just concentrate really hard on your workout to avoid awkward conversation. So unless the thought of sweating your makeup off on a first date fills you with dread, there’s really no reason not to give it a try. Worst case scenario, you’ve earned a good meal after. 

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