Couples That Look Alike, Stay Together?

Let’s do an experiment. Go on Facebook and check-out some pictures of your friends and their significant other. Do they look similar? From my quick FB creep, I realized that my best friend and her current boyfriend (of 3 years) look super alike! No really, they look almost brother/sister-y (ick!).

Anyway, it got me to thinking, we’re all familiar with the saying, “opposites attract”, but maybe it is our similarities that keep us together.

According to a quick Google search, longtime couples do have a tendency to look alike. The answer to why this might be is matter of biological similarities and their routines as a couple.

Smiles & Eyes

The face is the first test of chemistry. Our bodies and minds are wired to decide within minutes of seeing a face if we are interested or not. Therefore the shape of the face and eyes play a large factor in our mates. Smiles and eyes can often tell us whether or not someone is friendly, open, and these also indicate personality traits that can attract us toward one another. For example, ‘celeb’ couple (I use that term loosely), LeAnne Rhimes and Eddie Cibrian both have equally squinty eyes.

Looks & Personality

It has been scientifically proven that there is a connection between looks and personality. We are genetically predisposed to be attracted to those who have familiar features to ours. People say that dogs often look like their owners and funny enough this same logic where we are inherently attracted to individuals (and even pets) that have similar genetic traits.

Habits & Routine

Couples begin to look more alike over time because people in close contact begin to mimic each other’s facial expressions. For example, if you and your partner like to laugh a lot, both of you might have laugh lines around your mouth.

Style & Interests

Couples often share similar interests and as a result, their styles might merge. Think Posh & Becks, or even Brangelina, who have both been known to wear his & her’s hairstyles and outfits. And do you also agree that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel look similar?

Can you think of any long-time couples that begin looking alike? For another celebrity example, Prince Charles and Camilla almost look incestuous at this point! 

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    I have also noticed this

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