Plan a Girls Weekend Away

Well lucky you! There’s nothing more rewarding than a mini winter retreat with your closest gal pals. Anything you do will be a blast because your with your best people, but preparing is one of the most fun parts. Here’s what to bring for an epic girls weekend, with a few surprises included!

A bottle of wine or champagne. Your first night of a girls weekend is an occasion to remember. Popping a bottle is a luxury way to celebrate! Even a cheap bottle of bubbly is a nice token. Remember the look on Charlotte and Miranda’s faces when Samantha showed up at Carrie’s apartment with 2 bottles of bubbly?

Treats. A road trip, hotel room, all require a stockpile of goodies. Chocolate, candy, chips and dip. It’s the weekend and you’re going to be in party mode – these calories should NOT count. Bring foods you all have great memories together with. If you’ve got time to bake something, even better.

Your sassiest outfit. You know the old adage – girls dress up for their girls. Don’t leave home without bringing your best threads. The ones you feel comfortable and sexy in. You’ll likely be hitting the town, doing some dancing, or heading to a nice place for dinner. Even if you’re not, dressing up should definitely be included in your girls weekend in some capacity. Even if no one sees you but each other!

iPod speakers. The one who brings iPod speakers will be praised. Music enhances any experience. How can you break into an impromptu dance party while getting ready if you don’t have the Spice Girls or something else poppy and absurd on hand?

Extra magazines to share. Magazines are inspiring, fun to read, and get conversations going. Don’t allow yourself to get lost in a book in the middle of the action. Save those for the ride home.

Camera and your journal. Documenting the trip is important! While you want to live in the moment, you’ll want to have something to remember the weekend by, too. Take as many pics as you can and if there are some total gems, be a gem and print them out for your pals. If you’re an avid writer, jot down the funnies quotes and moments so you can relive them later. They seriously get better with age.


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