Interview with Canadian Model, Madison Schill

Madison Schill is one to watch in the fashion world. The 19-year-old Ford model has walked for big name designers such as Marchesa, Oscar de la Renta and Betsey Johnson (to name a few) and is currently the face of Christian Lacroix’s A/W 2013 campaign.

In addition to taking the modeling world by storm, the Oshawa, Ont. native also recently teamed up with Fashionation TV to report from backstage at World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto.

We caught up with the former dancer turned model to learn her beauty tips and tricks that she’s learned from being in the industry (including the secret to grooming those brows!)

29Secrets: What is your skincare regime?

Madison Schill: In general, I strive to always be as low-maintenance as possible. However, I’m extremely diligent in keeping my skin well-cared for! I believe that the way to achieve the ultimate glow is through a three-pronged approach of attitude, diet, and topical treatments. If we are stressed out…our skin will react! Feeding my body with nutritious dense foods, lots of good quality fats, and vegetables also does wonders. And in terms of products, I aim for simplicity. Anything with parabens…no thank you! I stick to a cleanser, toner, and serum or moisturizer if needed. And SPF YEAR-ROUND!! 

29S: With your job, you obviously travel a lot. What are some of your best tips for keeping your skin looking great while travelling?
M.S.: Always drink as much water as possible while flying, and don’t be afraid to apply products mid-flight. Just as our bodies get hungry on long flights, our skin gets thirsty, too! Nourish it! 

29S: What are some of your favourite beauty products you’ve found abroad?
M.S.: Klorane shampoo in Paris, OM Organic Beauty products in New York, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics in New York and Bioderma’s Sebium line in France. Most of their products are non-comodegenic, which I love.

29S: What are some beauty products you can’t live without?
M.S.: Mascara, particularly Lise Watier’s 24 hour Glam Mascara. It doesn’t clump, and it looks incredibly natural. It’s hands down, the best one on the market. Additionally, a red lip tint (I like anything by NARS, they have a great, hydrating formula), eyebrow brush, and Giorgio Armani concealer. It’s liquid formula and wand applicator allow for a sheer, dewy finish. 

29S: What does your everyday makeup look consist of?
M.S.: No makeup, if I can get away with it. I love letting my skin breathe, and I think we should all let our true selves show more often. For days where I like to look extra polished, I use Bobbi Brown’s liquid foundation, mascara, and lip balm. Done!! 

29S: What is your favourite “night out” look?
M.S.: [Since] my nights out consist of movies with friends, books and time with my family, I really don’t do anything different for the evenings. I have been known to add a little extra definition to my brows when feeling “wild!” Maybe pumping up that red lip, extra mascara…and a good helping of confidence. 

29S: What are some of your favourite beauty brands?
M.S.: Bobbi Brown- I have a yellow undertone to my skin, and her products cater immensely to that. They’re also very nourishing, and skin-friendly, [and they] don’t clog pores. 

NARS- They are constantly coming out with gorgeous new packaging, colours, and dual-action products. A foundation that moisturizers, highlights, AND protects from sun damage? Yes please. I’m also incredibly fond of their team…last season, one of the key make-up artists gave me their Japanese-inspired powder brush. It’s incredible.

29S: What are some of the best beauty tips you’ve learned from being in the fashion industry?
M.S.: Exfoliate the lips before applying lipstick, and when it comes down to it…less is ALWAYS more. People don’t remember you for your expert eyeshadow application…they remember you for your radiance, confidence, and positivity!! Makeup should truly accent these things, not cover them up or change you. A fun part of my job is being able to play “dress-up” with makeup, and to take on different personalities. But in the real world, nothing is more gratifying than just being myself. We all have such a unique beauty…let’s show it off!

29S: What are some of your favourite makeup looks you’ve had while modeling?
M.S.: My very first job was with MAC Europe’s senior artist Paola Almeida, and I recall he used two pots of black eyeshadow on my forehead ALONE. The inspiration was Joan of Arc gone bad, and it was a fabulous way to be introduced to the industry! 

Not surprisingly, I adore when artists accent my bold eyebrows. I feel like I’m giving a high-five to my Dad! (They’re from his side of the gene pool).

29S: We LOVE those brows! How do you keep them groomed?

M.S.: Thank you so much! I do not, and am not, allowed to touch them. Grandmother’s orders! Every six months or so I visit my brow specialist Michelle Los at Toronto’s Gee Beauty, and she is the ONLY one who I allow to touch them. She trims and cleans up stray hairs for me…and I don’t know what I’d do without her. Thanks, Michelle!

For more on Madison, visit her tumblr and follow her on Twitter.

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