Wedding Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend

Finding the perfect gift can be stressful and finding a gift for your best friend’s wedding raises the stakes. And as the brides’ best friend, remember that being their for her is the biggest gift of all, but of course, to indulge the happy new couple in a treat- here are some memorable wedding gifts that will be meaningful for the next chapter!

1)    Honeymoon registry

For a couple that might already live together or have plentiful household items, a honeymoon registry is a fun way to treat the couple to new experiences. People can contribute elements to the honeymoon- spa treatments, surfing lessons, etc!

couple at the spa

2)    Something long-lasting

A decorative piece for the couple’s new home – a Tiffany’s vase, beautiful crystal wine glasses, and practical kitchen gadgets are really awesome presents. For non-kitchen presents a luxurious cashmere and wool Hudson’s Bay Blanket, or super swanky high-thread count sheets are a great treat.

Crystal wine glasses

3)    Memories created

Giving your friend something that builds off of moments from your friendship together! I’m not usually a sentimentalist, but giving a gift that makes a nod to your memories together is heartwarming and something she will treasure. Her favorite records and a record player for their new home, or a limited edition of that board game you used to play together. 

record player

4)    Artwork

Prints and paintings are always a really amazing present. Of course, be mindful of her favorite artist and aesthetic, but something to decorate the home is appreciated and memorable.

framed art

5)    Cash

Ok, in other circumstances, giving cash or gift cards to your best friend can be seen as impersonal, but weddings are expensive. The best present a friend can get in these times, and as they start the next step in their life together is money. If you write a cheque to the couple, you can make it unique by writing something funny in the memo line! 


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