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Toronto Fashion Week is quickly approaching, and with it comes news (glorious news): the International Fashion Incubator Conference will be broadcast digitally, so you — yes, you! — can participate.

Evidently, the Toronto Fashion Incubator (TFI) has partnered with TCF Global in Perth (Australia's fashion incubator) to host the fourth annual IFIC 2013 online. And that's where all of us come in. 

Top industry professionals will converge during the conference taking place from October 21 to 25, which will consist of live web streaming and online webinars. Topics like ethical product sourcing, global opportunities, advice for designers, and best practice are on the agenda so far, and speakers include Christopher Paunil and Chalo Barrueta (founders of Christopher Paunil Design Ltd.), Ashlee Froese (branding and fashion lawyer at Gilbert's LLP), and Elissa Bloom (Executive Director, Philadelphia Fashion Incubator. A full list is available here

Needless to say, everyone involved is rightfully stoked.

"The TFI is excited to be a part of the first ever digital IFC," said Susan Langdon, Executive Director, TFI. "Going digital opens up the IFIC to industry professionals across the globe in a more efficient way that truly meets the mandate of fashion incubators, and we hope to see this model adopted for future conferences."

Well, the future is now! You can register for individual and live webinars here, and look for the IFIC logo when doing so.

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