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Astrological Signs

Forming relationships and dating seems complicated because it IS complicated. There are endless variables that determine our compatibility in a new relationship at any given time. It’s its own form of alchemy, if you ask moi. But: our zodiac signs can be a mode of insight that can help us see beyond the veil, in a way. There is a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to the minds and hearts of other people, and taking guidance from the cosmos can be empowering”the mystery of another person doesn’t always have to be so out of our hands. Read on to find out what the stars say about your best love match.

Aries: The Aries woman is a born leader. She needs a partner who can hold his / her own, but can follow her lead when needed. For the Aries who’s especially career focused, balanced Libra will make a supportive partner. For the Aries seeking play over a proposal, an Aquarius will deliver witty banter and a passion for playful escapades. 

Taurus: A steadfast Taurus knows how to get shit done. In love, she’s turned on by drive and follow-through in a partner, and turned off by flakiness. A Sagittarius will compliment her grounded self-assuredness with a sense of adventure. Alternately, with a Cancer, a Taurus woman will thrive knowing her belief in deep intimacy and romance is shared. 

Gemini: Free-spirited Gemini needs an element of variety in her love life. With a Leo, she’ll enjoy intense sexual chemistry which makes for an exciting fling. On the other hand, a Gemini lady will feed off an Aquarius curiosity and always feel intellectually stimulated.

Cancer: Dramatic Cancer appreciates some theatricality brought into dating. A Pisces will deliver. These two will share intimate conversations and have the potential to create a storybook romance. When paired with a Virgo, the Cancer woman will flourish in the role of nurturer, and has a chance to be supremely emotionally fulfilled. 

Leo: A firey Leo lady will be kept on her toes by an expressive Gemini. These signs are likely to approach life with an I’ll sleep when I die attitude and have the endurance for marathon adventures. Another ideal match could be an Aries, with whom friendly competition can be motivating. These two will be able to understand and appreciate each other’s boundaries.  

Virgo: Virgos are naturally savvy career dominatrixes. In love, as in work, they thrive in a dynamic where the give and take flows naturally and her return on investment proves worth it. A Scorpio will charm a Virgo with complex emotions and a willingness to open up. A Cancer will also deliver the loyalty she seeks. 

Libra: Mentally strong Libras are skilled manifesters. When matched with a trailblazing Aries, they can create a relationship that’s fruitful for both parties”an Aries can help Libra stand up for herself, and Libra can help an Aries find their compassion. With a Leo, air feeds fire and an intense fling could blossom into something long-lasting.

Scorpio: The most assertive of all water signs, Scorpios gravitate toward those who exude authenticity, and they don’t tend to bother with anyone who proves dishonest. This sign will share a unique intellectual connection with a Virgo, who’s down to dive into conversations about the complexities of the psyche and world. Alternately, a Scorpio’s mysterious nature will make her attractive to a pisces, who shares the same quality.

Sagittarius: This sign is considered the happiest in the zodiac. They are likely to live for travel and not be driven much by money. With an Aquarius, bonding over a shared passion could lead to an effortless connection”hours of conversation and lols can ensue. An Aries, like a Sagittarius, is easily bored, and likely to seek stimulation through connecting with people. This match can create their own universe of fun.

Capricorn: A Capricorn is most satisfied with a partner who is loyal but doesn’t stand in the way of her plans and ambitions. With a Cancer, opposite signs attract”while a Capricorn takes a lot of time to trust, Cancer is driven by honesty and places a high values on sharing. These two comfort each other by being strong in each other’s weak places. In addition, a Taurus is likely to be as down to earth as a capricorn, valuing security and financial balance. 

Aquarius: This is a person who doesn’t let other people’s labels define her. She is as thrill-seeking as she is independent in her thinking. With a Sagittarius, mischief and rule-breaking rules the day. When these two hook up, it’s them against the world and things can get very creative. Gemini is one of the few signs that will be able to keep things interesting enough for her for in a long-haul relationship.

Pisces: The last sign in the zodiac appreciates sensitivity above almost all else in a partner. She thrives when her mind is nurtured and her energy is protected. An assertive-yet-feeling Scorpio is prepared to meet these needs, while a Cancer could help her make her most romantic dreams a reality, which drives a Pisces in a major way.



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