Skype Sex 101

It’s the holidays, you’re home with the family, soaking up all the festive cheer and delight. It’s wonderful, it’s magical, but there is just one thing missing – your guy. And your sex life. Thankfully, you live in a technologically friendly era of laptops and video camera and Skype. So what are you waiting for? Someone to teach you how to do it? Oh all right…

Dress appropriate

It can be hard to feel your sexiest when you don’t have your man there with his appreciatory glances, so pick out some underwear that makes you feel your most sexy and then cover it up. You’ll feel even sexier later when you get to strip it off for him.

Set the mood

But on some slow jams, dim the lights and burn a candle. Creating a space that feels intimate and sexy will help to get your blood flowing for when you finally get things going with your guy.

Keep the intimacy

Let’s be serious, it’s not always easy to feel sexy when you’re sitting alone in your room staring at a laptop screen.  So start things off by just chatting with your partner as you would if the two of you were in the room together. Without your usual level of intimacy, this will never be a success.

Take it slow

As things start to heat up, keep your pace slow and steady. Touch yourself gently and allow the anticipation and excitement to build for both of you. This should be a bonding experience for both of you and there is no need to rush it at all. Be encouraging and understanding and enjoy every moment of the experience together.

Say as little or as much as you like

The joy of video sex is that, unlike phone sex, you get to actually see your partner in the act so you don’t have that awkwardness of verbally telling them everything you are doing to yourself (although that can be totes sexy too). So if all you want to do is moan a little, that is all right, if you wanna talk it out, that’s totally okay too!

Laugh about it

Try and keep the mood relatively lighthearted. If something goes terribly wrong – he can’t finish or you fall on your butt during a sexy striptease, it is always best to ensure that you’ll both be able to laugh it off and not get embarrassed by this learning experience. Even if it seems mortifying right now.

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