Grooming Your Guy – Down There

Samantha Jones put it best when she quipped to her flavour of the week: “Every time I go down there on you, I feel like I’m flossing.” Moment of truth ladies – can you relate to Samantha? If you’re nodding, but don’t know how to talk about his down-there hygiene without offending him, here are few ways to politely bring up his lack of grooming and, ahem, not-so-fresh scent.

Get Creative:

Much like dance classes are fun when you have a plus one – shower time together could get a little more interesting. Play a little game of “I’ll do yours if you do mine” “ and lather up.

Level the playing field:

If you’re looking to talk about his business, it’s best that you are prepared to talk about your business. You never know, you may spend money and pain on bi-weekly waxes only to find out that your man likes you wild and untamed. Try approaching the subject by asking him what he likes so you can casually throw in what you would like.

Provide incentive:

Fess up sister, there’s a reason that you want him to start grooming and making use of those anti-bacterial wipes you bought him. Explain that you will take the stairs to the basement more often if he spends a Sunday afternoon de-cluttering and disinfecting the area. Got it?

Come clean:

If your guy doesn’t like beating around the bush (pause for a giggle) get right to it. If you’re really comfortable in your relationship sexually and emotionally maybe it’s best if you ask him as casually as you would ask him to pick up groceries on the way home from work; sweetie, do you mind grabbing some milk and shaving your junk tonight?

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