Plan an Anniversary Date He Will Never Forget

Whether you are celebrating a month or a lifetime together, anniversaries are a wonderful opportunity to show your other half how much they mean to you. Although traditionally the man plans the date, this time tell him to leave the arrangements to you. From the gift to the date itself, when making plans it is important to choose something that represents you as a couple. Here are some unique anniversary date and gift ideas that you can plan for your special someone.

Sports Buff
This date idea requires a little bit of research and contacts but it can be done. Bring your beau to his favourite local team’s baseball game, when the game is over surprise him with a picnic in the pitcher’s mound. When you’ve had a couple glasses of wine let him teach you how to swing the bat. Showing interest in his passion is a real turn on and playing together is a great opportunity to laugh and have fun!

Tell him you will be meeting at his place before the big date so that he doesn’t offer to pick you up. This date is for the ultimate car junkey and could be a little pricey, but he will never forget it! Find a local luxury car rental business and make sure to pick out the car of his dreams. When you pull up to his house in a Lamborgini, he will be in complete shock and awe. Cost saving tip: rent the car by the hour.

Remember the Date
If your man is always forgeting your birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s day, make sure the next big event doesn’t slip his mind by creating a personal calendar for him. This isn’t just any calendar, this one has a sexy photo of you each month. Be his personal pin-up girl! Seek the services of a professional photographer and put together a tasteful yet alluring photoshoot of you just for him. If sexy isn’t your thing, compile all your favourite pictures of you two together through the seasons and create a calendar full of your best memories.

Alone Time
If your schedules are busy and you don’t have much time to just relax and be together, this is the ideal date idea for the workaholic couple. Fill a room with pillows and have a comfy blanket on hand. Light up the room with candles and tea lights for a romantic atmosphere. For the meal, order in from his favourite restaurant and for entertainment rent a few of his all-time favourite movies.  Spend the night cuddling together in your own little private oasis.

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