How to Make a Resolution Like Beyonce

WWBD*? That is the question. Here is the answer (at least when it comes to New Years Resolutions)…

Don’t be cliché©

Do you think Beyonce is walking into 2015 vowing to give up chocolate or spend less money on wine? NO. You know why? Because when Beyonce makes a resolution you damn well know that thing is going to be well thought out, insightful, and truly life changing, Don’t doubt you deserve any less.

Be true to you

No matter what you choose to do make sure it is something that you want to do. Don’t choose something because your best friend is doing it or because your boyfriend wants you to. Keep your resolutions true to you and who you are. Beyonce would never stray from her true calling, why should you.

Never make it about a man

If Beyonce was the kind of girl who would resolve to change herself for a man do you think she would have ever written the ultimate single girl anthem, “Single Ladies”, when she already had herself a guy? WRONG. Always be strong enough to stand on your own two feet ladies.

Own it

When Beyonce makes a resolution that girl does NOT back down. She owns that resolution no matter how hard and how long she has to strive to achieve it. So make those resolutions big and badass and then don’t stop until you’ve got em.

Make it effortless

And even if you have to work it hard and work it long, don’t ever make it seem like you will. Keep yourself together girl and through yourself into these resos with the confidence and pulled-togetherness.

Forgive yourself for failure

Even if it totally blows up and you fall flat on your face within the first few weeks, don’t get discouraged. No matter how flawless she seems, even Queen Bey is bound to have had her share of failures. Forgive yourself and move on. She’d be proud of you for that.

*What Would Beyonce Do…and you should be ashamed of yourself for not figuring that out.

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