Amsterdam in 48 Hours

The season of Euro-tripping is upon us and what a wonderful time it is. A place where day drinking is socially acceptable and men come with irresistible accents? Count us in.

Amongst Europe’s plethora of cities to visit, Amsterdam is always a popular choice. Although it’s often categorized as a party city, Amsterdam has a lot more to offer. From vintage shopping to cheese shops on every street corner, it’s a city that will keep you occupied both night and day. We’ll also be quick to point out that Dutch men are almost superhuman in their looks and will have you planning a permanent move with just one smouldering glance.

Any new city can be a little intimidating, so we’ve curated a guide to help you make the most of your experience while exploring a new (Hol)land.

Day 1

Het Stadspaleis: A small yellow house hidden behind Amsterdam’s major shopping street is your best bet for brunch. With a large patio area and a menu where you can’t go wrong, you’ll leave this joint feeling like a local. Insider’s Secret: the staff here are very friendly and will happily give you all the tips you need for a truly Dutch experience.

Rijksmuseum: For a healthy dose of art history, visit Amsterdam’s most famous art museum, stopping to take pictures of the canals along the way. Behind the museum, you’ll find the famous I amsterdam sign, so be sure to arrive early enough to beat the crowds.

Amsterdam 2

Cheese shops: You can’t leave Amsterdam without quickly graduating from Cheese Rookie to Cheese Connoisseur. Spend an afternoon sampling cheese at different shops instead of settling for a conventional lunch.

Episode Vintage: Amsterdam boasts quite a vintage shopping scene and Episode Vintage is a lot like Narnia. You’ll find everything from fur coats to boldly coloured jumpsuits in this deceptively tiny store.

Restaurant Blauw: Yes, it’s located smack in the middle of the Red Light District, but this Indonesian restaurant is Amsterdam’s best. Expect to pay between €25-40, but it is well worth the money.

Red Light District: Regardless of your intentions, walking around the Red Light District is something you must do while you’re in Amsterdam. Nowhere else in the world will you find prostitutes being (legally) paraded around like show ponies behind floor to ceiling windows. If nothing else, it’ll inspire you to hit the gym.

Day 2

Anne Frank House: The house where Anne Frank and her family took refuge before being sent off to concentration camps is one of Amsterdam’s most famous sites, so you’ll want to wake up as early as possible in order to avoid the 3 hour long line.

Singel 404: Located literally on a bridge to give you the best view of the canals, Singel 404 is the place for brunch with a view.

Dam Square: Like any other tourist hub, expect hoards of people. Nonetheless, you’ll be surrounded by spectacular buildings on every side.

Amsterdam 3

Nutella’s Ice Bakery: If you’re a chocaholic looking for a good time, make your way to Nutella’s Ice Bakery on Liedsestraat and get yourself an ice cream to remember.

Van Gogh Museum: Work off the gluttony you just committed with a lesson in art at Amsterdam’s famous Van Gogh Museum.

La Perla: Finish the day with pizza and a drink in the Jordaan district. Afterwards, head over to a patio to enjoy another drink and plan the next time you’ll be returning to the Venice of the North.

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