Should You Keep (or Delete?) Your Ex’s Phone Number?

Like a favourite outfit, sometimes you only wear a partner for a while. They fit perfectly but then one day, for some reason, you glance in the mirror and something just doesn’t look right anymore. And the same thing goes for guys: sometimes you just don’t see the fit anymore.  But c’mon, they’ve given you a few good years, so why can’t you look back on them fondly and keep their contact info, right? When it comes to deciding whether to trash or treasure an ex’s number “ these fashion tips can help:

An obvious flaw:
If there was a stain on your shirt that even your dry cleaner would mock, you’d chuck it yes? Same goes for your Ex (now-want-him-in-flames) digits.  There is no need for ugly or old drama hanging around “ sometimes you just have to let go.  Picture yourself wearing someone brand new “ why would you ever need to revisit something that was so wrong? That’s like saying you are going to take that pink taffeta bridesmaids dress from 5 years ago, shorten it, and wear it again!

You grew out of it:
Like your first vintage band tee, you just grew out of it.  This is when two people have  a number of great years together, but eventually grow apart. If at the base you both agreed you just weren’t relationship material for each other, but still know you shared some of your best moments and a strong bond, then there is no need to press the delete. Let him sit in your closet like that first tee and once you’ve both moved on maybe together you can reminisce, or better yet, find friendship. 

Impulse purchase:
Share the love! If you only wore that little red number a few times but never really thought it was for you, pass it on! Like this dress, not everyone is going to be a perfect fit “ but that doesn’t mean they aren’t a perfect fit for a friend or colleague.  If after a short stint you both agreed you weren’t a match, dial him up for a night with friends and perhaps you will both find luck at a clothing swap! 


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