Have Different Food Tastes Than Your Partner?

While food fights might not be the number one cause of couples’ breakups, they can be a sticky point for some relationships. A food fight can also turn into one of those arguments couples have over and over, like a bad commercial that just keeps playing. How can couples keep a food fight from ruining an otherwise blissful relationship? Try some of the tips below.  

Eating out. This can be a major food fight for couples. Some people really enjoy eating out, some people can take it or leave it. Fast food can be an occasional fix when you are rushed for time or a staple of your daily diet. Money can often be behind a couple’s issues with eating out, as dining out can be expensive. Solution? Decide on a calendar and/or a budget for eating out.  A little discussion can help bring this food fight to a happy ending.

Meat halfway. When half of a couple is a vegetarian, it can cause a food fight every now and then. More and more restaurants are adopting menus that have vegetarian options, but it gets rough when you or your guy’s favorite restaurant’s idea of a vegetarian entré©e is a side of carrot sticks. Solution?  Try to find restaurants that can accommodate both of your tastes. Also, some vegetarians do allow themselves fish or eggs or other items, as long as they are not meat, so this can open up your choices. If nothing else works, however, a great relationship can be worth munching on a few carrot sticks every now and then.

Out of sync. Some couples have trouble getting in sync on meal times, meaning they just aren’t hungry at the same time. Whether it’s an early lunch, late dinner, or a midnight pizza, not being able to come together on a meal time can become a food fight. Sometimes early in a relationship the two of you make more compromises, but as things progress couples may become less flexible. (This especially happens when one half of the couple begins to gain weight due to the other half’s habits.) Solution? Go back to compromising a little. If he loves a midnight pizza on Friday, just have a slice to keep him company. You love Sunday breakfast and he wants to sleep in until noon? Once a month he can rise and shine. A little compromise will go a long way.

One of you is trying to lose weight. This can cause a major food fight for couples, for many reasons. Maybe one of you is an emotional eater, or likes to celebrate with food, or doesn’t think his/her partner needs to lose weight, or may even be secretly sabotaging a partner’s weight loss for a myriad of different reasons. This food fight requires lots of discussion and will eventually require a compromise, too. Because there can be so many reasons behind this category of couples’ food fights, the root of the disagreement needs to be found and discussed. Once you both understand what’s happening, you can work toward resolving it.

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