Post-Date Moves that Guarantee You a Third Date

The third date matters. Once you get there, you feel a little more certain he’s into you, you’re more comfortable with each other and more confident to be yourselves. To get to that place, what you do can be as important as what you don’t do. Here are our post date pointers for getting that third date in the bag.

Wait a while to contact him
Allow a little time to pass after the date before you contact him, if at all. After all, you want him to know you’re in demand and have a pressing to-do list. You may be jonesing for a third date, but you want to make him wonder if you’re up for it. You don’t have to be MIA, but do find the right balance between giving him the green light and being an eager beaver.

Make your texts gold
When you do hear from him (and have given it the due amount of time without responding), you want to make him pumped to see you again. There are a few ways you can do this: remind him of something funny that happened on your date, and make him feel good. Tell him you’re still cracking up about that story he told on the second date, for example. Stroke his ego and he’ll feel good about himself and he’ll associate those good feelings with you.

Adjust your texts responses to the type of date you went on
Instead of trying to gauge his sense of humour or personality by his behavior on the first two dates (pretty impossible), you can probably determine more about him and what he’s looking for by what kind of dates you went on. If you hung out in a park and drank tall cans, then send him a casual text. If you did the full on dinner and drinks combo, then you should probably be a little more formal in your response.

Don’t say date
To him, hearing you say this may register as you wanting to make an honest man out of him. He will get frightened and flee. The exception of course is with online dating. Then you’re both probably under the impression that this is in fact a date.

Resist drunk texting
You can’t contact him in a stupor at 2 AM and expect him to take you seriously. If you want to get past the second date as more than a booty call, you have to build that foundation of mutual respect. Besides, when we’re on our phones at 2 AM it’s likely because we’re looking for entertainment and attention. Reach out to a pal during that dark hour and it will likely be satisfying enough “ and funnier.

Be patient
If he wants to charm you, he’s likely got a master scheme planned and is waiting for the right time to call you and ask you on a second or third date. Be patient and keep your cool. Dating is hard. But the fact that you’re worried shows you care, which is a good sign you’ve found a keeper.

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