How to Tell If He’s is Flirting with You

Is he being polite or is he interested? Interpreting signs that he’s flirting with you might seem like a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be a foreign language! Here are some quick ways to tell a guy is flirting with you:

1)     He thinks you’re funny

Laughter! If you see him smiling when you are around and listening to your stories, this could be a sign that he’s interested. If he’s laughing at your jokes, it means that he’s listening to you and engaged in the conversation. Plus, laughter is always a sign that you put him in a good mood.

2)     He complements you about things guys don’t usually notice

Did he mention that he likes your necklace, your shoes, your new glasses? It’s probably a sign that he’s interested. If a man takes interest in something you like, or small details about your appearance it’s a sign that he notices you, has been paying attention to you, and that he wants to be in your good books.

3)     He’s a tease

This might sound a bit immature, but making jokes and teasing you is actually a flirty signal. If a man teases you or makes fun of you, it’s a sign that he’s comfortable with you and is a sign of affection. Of course, there are difference between mean spirited sarcastic quips and harmless teasing but it proves that he is paying attention to you and noticing your habits, interests etc.

4)     He tells you a secret

He trusts you and wants to share something with you, and no one else. This is definitely a sign that he wants to get closer to you. And if he is whispering this secret to you, that’s an ever bigger sign that he wants to be more intimate with you.

5)     He touches

Does he reach for your hand when he’s trying to make a point? Does he find an excuse to give you a hug? If so, he’s interested. A man that gives you physical contact when you are talking, is a sure sign that he is physically attracted to you.

6)     He tells you he’s single

When a guy mentions he’s single. This is a good place to start. And if he starts to ask questions about what you like – your hobbies, interests, your weekend plans, friends. He’s probably trying to figure out if you’re single as well! Once he gets a green light from you, he is probably deciding if he should ask you out.

We know that flirting is a bit of a minefield, but with these basic tips you should feel confident you’re reading the signs correctly. Good luck! 

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