Workouts You Can Do In Front Of The TV

Want to get in shape without leaving the comfort of your couch? Sounds like my kinda exercise! Thankfully, there are lots of great ways to get in shape while binge watching your favorite TV show. Try these simple series of exercises that can be done without any equipment and at your television!


Squats are the perfect total lower body workout. They’ll tighten up your thighs, hips and butt. Keep your knees bent and your heels firmly rooted into the ground. Alternate between squats with your feet together, hip width apart and with your feet angled outwards like a ballet dancer.

Triceps on a chair

Firm up that hard to reach muscle- your triceps. Get a chair and do triceps dips! Say goodbye to flabby arms.


This is a tough ab move, and my least favorite… but probably the most effective. Hold a plank on your forearms, or on your hands. Keep your bum tucked and suck in your stomach. It’ll make your body ache, but it’s worth it. Alternate with side-planks.

Plank - At Home Workout


Your quads and your legs are the largest muscles in your body, so working these muscles will make you sweat! Take a large step forward, dip and repeat. Alternate legs and use a weight if you need. A good trick is to hold your lunge when your knees are bent for a second or two, rise up and down, then step back to the original stance.


Push-ups on your knees or on your toes are equally effective. Keep your head in line with your body and repeat at your pace. If you start on your knees, you will notice that your arms will get stronger with repetition, so don’t feel discouraged!


Sit-ups are a great way to get the abs of your dreams. If you are by your couch, you can hook your feet to the edge of the couch to stabilize and to pull your body upwards. However, if you are more advanced, keep your hands relaxed behind your head. Remember not to pull your neck forward.

Lower Ab Leg Raises

To work off that little pouch below your belly button (the lower abs), try this leg raise exercise! Lie down on the ground, and with your legs and feet glued together – raise them both up 4 to 5 inches off the ground. Keep your head and neck against the floor and repeat lifting and lowering your legs off the ground. Keep your stomach tight!

It’s really that simple. A few exercises to get you off the couch, but not away from the TV. 

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