5 Things You’ll Only Find Out When You Move in Together

No matter how long you’ve been dating, only once you move in together will you really get to know someone and all their quirks. Here’s what to expect when moving in with your man.

1. He Snores

If you’ve ever spent the night together, you may have noticed him snoring here and there but once you move in, you may discover that it’s a regular habit. Luckily, this habit usually isn’t a deal-breaker, but you should definitely expect to start being a little more annoyed than usual by your significant other.

2. You May Not Get to Sleep in Anymore

This is usually true for anyone living with an early riser. You may have found the fact that he likes to get the day started early cute when you weren’t living together, but it may be a little more difficult to accept once you’re sharing the same quarters. Once he’s up, you’ll be up! Between his heavy footsteps and use of every loud kitchen pan for breakfast, you may find sleeping in harder ad harder to do.

3. You Will Find Out You Don’t Agree on Everything

This is especially true when it comes to buying furniture and putting it together. You may realize you both have very different ways of thinking and this will likely lead to a huge argument. But don’t worry. Just about every couple faces this problem once they move in together. Just be aware it will happen and don’t fret too much when it does.

4. He’s Quirky

When you spend every day and night with someone, you start to discover all the quirks they’ve managed to keep under wraps for the last two years. And yes, these quirks may sort of get under your skin. But remember, everyone has quirks, including you. Each of you is just learning how to put with them for the first time.

5. Living Together is as Scary as You Thought

Many people are afraid of moving in together, worrying about how it will affect their relationship. The truth is, it’s totally normal to feel this way just before moving in together. But you may actually find it’s not as scary as you had initially thought it was. Despite the quirks and odd behaviours you’re just learning about now, living together can actually bring you closer together and make you much happier. It’s not stressful and scary. It can actually pretty great when you’re with the right person.

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