Make Your Love Last

When you first fall in love, you can’t imagine it will ever end. But as your relationship grows, the excitement and passion naturally ebb and flow “ ebbing more often the longer you are together.

The secrets to lasting love are actually quite simple.

Read on to join the ranks of longtime lovers.


1. Touch

This sounds obvious but if you’ve been with your guy a while, you may notice that you don’t touch him as often. In the early days, there’s a lot of contact: you intentionally brush his arm in the movie theatre, you grab his knee under the table at dinner, you give him neck rubs, stroke his hair “ you can’t get enough of each other.

After a while, though, you may forget how important these sweet interactions are. Take the time now to cuddle, hug and hold hands. This is about communicating without words, and it will make your bond stronger.


2. Laugh

A good guffaw will get you through the good times and the bad. Watch funny movies and TV shows together, share inside jokes, find something funny about something every day. Studies have shown that laughter improves your health and the quality of your life. So get together with your guy and get the giggles.


3. Fight (fairly)

You won’t always agree and sometimes the words you exchange won’t always be entirely friendly “ take heart: fighting is actually necessary in every good relationship.

The reverse “ bottling up anger and frustration “ will only turn you into a tense, festering partner, ready to blow at any moment. Definitely not a good conflict management strategy. So do yourself (and him) a favour, and don’t be afraid of the occasional fight. But always fight fairly. Don’t air every grudge you’ve ever held, and don’t enumerate every single thing he’s ever done wrong. Stick to the topic at hand, and don’t sink to insults and hurtful remarks.

If you get nasty with your guy, he’ll remember those words long after the fight is forgotten.


4. Date

Treat every date like it’s the first one: buy a new outfit, take time with your makeup and hair, reserve a table at a fancy restaurant.

Treat each other the way you would on a first or second date, and you’ll be surprised by how special and alive it makes both of you feel.


5. Snog

You may think you’ve already got this covered, but there are always new ways to spice up your sex life. If you do it routinely three times a week, get a little crazy and go for a fourth. Wake him up in the middle of the night for an erotic massage. Read something sexy together. Surprise him with some new lingerie (or accessories for the nightstand drawer).

Nurturing your time between the sheets is a way to stay playful and keep an intimate bond.


6. Compliment

Does your guy have a great butt, wonderful eyes, or does he fill out a t-shirt like no one else can? Maybe he’s diligent about paying the bills on time, fixing plumbing problems or getting rid of telemarketers? Whatever it is he excels at, tell him.

It’s so easy, in long term relationships, to focus on what he doesn’t do, on what you wish he did better. Take a moment to point out the positive. Guys love compliments as much as we do.  Plus, it’s an active reminder of why you fell in love with him in the first place “ and that will make you feel entirely grateful.


What’s your secret for everlasting love? Let us know what keeps your fires burning!

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