What Does Your Province Reveal About Your Dating Style?

Whether you're a hopeless romantic or you like to bounce around between dates, Canadian singles have a way of making their mark in the dating world. A survey from Match.com took a look at the dating styles between coast to coast and concluded that 50% of single Canucks believe in love at first sight and 71% have experienced it first hand! But do Maritimers fall in love the same way as West Coasters? Here's what the survey revealed about the ways of love.

British Columbia: The Multi-tasker

The West Coast isn't messing around. They have people to see, places to go and things to do and scheduling dates is one of them. The singles in BC appreciate variety with 1 in 10 (11%) date two or three people at one time. In fact, 20% admitted to going one more than one date in one day. Jeez, no wonder they're excellent planners!

Alberta: The Chivalrous

Who said chivalry is dead? Albertans opt for the traditional with 43% believing that a man should pay on the first date, regardless of who initiated it. For those who score a date prepare to get spoiled—on average a quarter(26%) spend $80 or more on dinner during the first date. Put your wallet away and I hope you're hungry.

Saskatchewan: The Foodie

Calling all foodies! 45% of singles in Saskatchewan don't let anything come between them and their meal, and date is no exception! What's their deal breaker on a date? Being rude to the waitstaff which irks 70% of singles.

Manitoba: The Music Lover

There's no better way to set the mood than with a little music. More than half (53%) had a special song with that certain someone, and 41% of those songs were country. Speaking of setting the mood, 55% of them listen to music during sex. Oww oww!

Ontario: The Planner

It never hurts to be organized. If you're going out with an Ontarian, it's probably going to be well thought out. Survey showed that 65% of singles call themselves planners, so don't be surprised if the date is tailored to your interests. Of that number, 52% admit to having researched their date ahead of time. I think we're all guilty of that one.

Quebec: The Abrupt First Date

You better bring your A-game because 43% of Quebecers know within the first 15 minutes if they want to see you again. Chances are you might get the hint because close to one third (31%) have made up a fake excuse to get out of a date.

Newfoundland: The Family Person

Nothing is more important than family and friends. 27% of people discuss their dating life with their family, where 54% talk about it with their friends. Sometimes they can't wait till the date is over to find out how it went with one third, (33% ) of people having a friend or relative check up on them during their date.

New Brunswick: The Former Friend

It's known that love can blossom in a circle of friends and that rings true with New Brunswick singles. It becomes a messy friendship circle with 63% of people admitting that they've dated a friend, whereas 62% have fallen in love with someone they weren’t initially attracted to, and 41% changed their minds because they became good friends.

Nova Scotia: The Flirt

Prepare to blush and get your wheels on because Nova Scotia is known to be a little flirty. 64% admit that they are flirty, and 73% know when someone is flirting with them. It's just that simple.

Prince Edward Island: The Lip Locker

Don't be fooled, the smallest province can produce the biggest lip lockers! These islanders are an affectionate bunch with 83% admitting that kissing is important in a relationship. About to lock lips? Be prepared that 50% prefer to French kiss.  

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