New Year’s Eve Dates that Don’t Break the Bank

New Year’s Eve can be an expensive night out “ fancy dinners, expensive champagne, paying for drinks all night, parking, and before you know it you’re starting the New Year in debt and it’s only the first day. So this year, instead of breaking the bank, why not spend your time and energy (and money) on each other? Below are some inexpensive, fun date ideas that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Go ice skating
Go for a spin at your local outdoor skating rink, an inexpensive way to hold hands under the moonlight, then sip hot cocoa together inside before ringing in the New Year together. It may seem as though winter will never end, but it won’t be long before outdoor rinks close for the season, so get out there and enjoy the fun.

Buy some small fireworks, sparklers and the like, and at midnight go outside and have a small sparkling welcome to celebrate the New Year. Sparklers are very inexpensive and a lot of fun. Then go inside and start a few fireworks of your own!

Have a feast
Have an inexpensive, four course dinner, starting at 8 pm and enjoying something on every hour, until it’s time for champagne at midnight. This doesn’t have to be expensive, just enjoy some of your favorite foods together while spending the evening in. Keep the food fun and inexpensive “ there are plenty of delicious choices that don’t have to extravagant. (In other words, skip the lobster, caviar, and Crystal this year!)

Play some games
For a spicy New Year’s Eve, pick up some adult board games and spend the evening enjoying Foreplay, Strip Chocolate or even the Kama Sutra Game. These board games are very inexpensive, ranging in price from $10 to $20 (probably what you’d pay for parking on New Year’s Eve.) Who needs expensive dinners or a fancy night on the town when you have each other?

Road trip
Drive to a nearby city to enjoy their New Year’s festivities, whether it is fireworks, a ball dropping, or another inexpensive celebration. Choosing a different city can be all it takes sometimes to spice up your usual New Year’s Eve, and it doesn’t have to be an expensive night out.

Spend the evening planning and talking about your New Year’s resolutions. Some resolutions are personal of course (no need to share your goal to lose ten pounds), but there are others that can be fun to discuss “ you may even have some good ideas for each other for accomplishing your goals. Then write them down, seal them in an envelope, and keep them to open next New Year’s Eve to see how you did! All you need is a pen and paper “ talk about inexpensive!

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