How to Get Along with His Mom

It can be especially hard for the girlfriend and the mom to get along sometimes. Especially when those women are similar in nature. Read on for five steps to make sure you and your beau enjoy Turkey Day with his parents this year.

1. Avoid Controversial Conversation
In order to avoid a full-fledged debate, keep your opinions to yourself, especially on topics like politics, religion and money. You may not agree with her view points but you don’t have to mention it. Just ask someone to pass the stuffing and change the subject to avoid a possible dispute that can only lead to one other thing: a dispute with your man.

2. Butt-Out
If your man and his mom aren’t seeing eye-to-eye on something, don’t attempt to save the day. You should never pick sides between them and it’s important to remember this is his mom, not yours. If they argue, it will eventually pass. If you get into an argument with his mother, it won’t pass quite so easily.

3. Be Yourself
In other words, don’t kiss up. Just be yourself and don’t try so hard to get his mother to like you. You may not be BFFs right off the bat but you can’t force it either. Just remember, he loves you for who you are so his family will, too. Including his mom.

4. Use Your Man as a Mediator
This is not to say you should put him in the middle, but if his mom says something hurtful to you, let him know how you feel so he can gently discuss it with his mother the next day. If you bring it up, it may come out all wrong. She’s not your mom and you may not see things the same way. But he will know best how to speak to her without hurting her feelings. And make sure to hold off on this discussion until the day after Thanksgiving so no one else at the table has to feel awkward listening to the issue between you and his mom.

5. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff
You might not like the way she offers you cranberry sauce but is it really that important? Try to be the bigger person and enjoy the day for your sake and your man’s. Don’t let those little things get under your skin. At least not today.

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