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Susan Kates

On May 1st at the Crowne Plaza Toronto Airport Hotel, dating expert Susan Kates will take to the floor to give tips on the all-important L-Word at the Old Hollywood Social.

This glamorous evening is sure to be a sell-out, but luckily we got the chance to ask some questions about dating, lust and Hollywood romance¦

There seems to be a definite focus in the media right now on new things, and moving forward. What made you decide to throw back to an evening of old Hollywood glamour for this event?

We decided old Hollywood because we wanted to give singles a night to really glam it up and enjoy the old romantic style and music of old Hollywood. When you’re meeting someone its important to look and feel your best, and a night like this really encourages that. 

The focus of this evening is classic rules of courtship. How much do you think they still apply to the modern dating world?

I’d say dating has changed and so has our approach. We treat it more like a mission or a job interview these days, and the online world especially has taken away from the romance and etiquette of old-fashioned dating. Dating these days is more about calculation and less about happenstance. Our theme is to bring it back to a time of true ‘ladies and gentleman’.

Tell us a little about the event poster.

The movie poster is from the old film ‘To Have and Have Not’. We chose this film because it was one of Lauren Bacall`s first, and this is where she met Bogart and their infamous romance began.

There are increasing numbers of divorcees & single parents looking for love. Any special tips for them?

The most important tip? Don’t give up. There is someone out there, but don’t have expectations that are so high you end up being totally unrealistic about what is out there. Everyone wants the executive, tall, handsome, attentive, adoring, fun, adventurous, rich, no-baggage great father, but then expect him to spend every moment with you. How many men like that exist? It’s important to be realistic.

How have social networks & online dating sites altered traditional dating?

They have been both a blessing and a curse. They are fantastic, but people also have this disposable attitude towards dating. The real positive part of these new opportunities has been that being single is acceptable, and they have allowed people to be open about being single. But while the opportunities are greater, there is a maybe there is something better out there attitude which discourages people from getting into a relationship.

How did films & movie stars from the Golden Hollywood era impact dating trends?

They romanticized the idea of love. Relationships take work and compromise, but in these movies, it looked like people would just have to see each other at the other end of the room and they would live happily ever after!

What male movie character or actor do you think really set the standard for Hollywood romance?

Rock Hudson, Cary Grant and Robert Redford. These men all contributed to the classic `gentleman` archetype that women adore and long for today.

Is it realistic to be a romantic in this day and age?

Absolutely! Romance is a state of mind, and keeping the romance alive in a relationship is really important.

What is the #1 dating trend or move that you’d tell women to avoid?

Avoid thinking that Mr. Right will just walk into your life and that you don’t have to be out there looking. The chances of that are kind of like winning the lottery! I hear so many times that women won’t try online or singles events because they’re not “natural”. Be open to the idea of a chance meeting, but don’t be afraid to put yourself in a situation to meet someone in the new world of dating, either.

What would be your advice for those looking for love this spring?

It’s very simple. Have a positive attitude, get out of your comfort zone, expand your horizons and try singles events like matchmakers. A good matchmaker is kind of like having a best friend within a huge circle of friends that can actually introduce you to someone. You have to give fate a little push and when you do, magical things can happen.

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Old Hollywood Social

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