All About Orgasms

Okay, maybe you think you already know all about orgasms. Or maybe you’re thinking “ what’s to know?

This article will provide you with some interesting facts, tips and tricks about women’s “ and men’s “ orgasms.

Interesting Facts:

  • Research shows that frequent orgasms can reduce the risk of conditions such as heart disease, and help you deal with stress & insomnia. They also act as a pain reliever too “ as if you needed another reason to get busy¦
  • The main function of the male orgasm is to ejaculate sperm (no, really?), but did you know that not all men ejaculate when they orgasm? Or the opposite occurs, and guys ejaculate without peaking.
  • Did you know your orgasm is thought to help move his sperm in toward your egg? Some research suggests that your orgasm actually sucks the sperm towards its goal.
  • Some guys don’t experience ejaculation until a few seconds after orgasm.
  • We all know that women can experience multiple orgasms, but did you know some guys can, too? The follow-up orgasms usually don’t include ejaculation. If you’re looking for something new to try¦

Tips and Tricks

  • If you have trouble experiencing orgasm during sex, try being on top. You may find that being able to control and direct your stimulation makes it easier.
  • Stronger pelvic muscles can increase orgasms. Try doing Kegal exercises, which involve squeezing your pelvic muscles and then releasing, to strengthen your muscle control during sex.
  • Lubricants may also help you achieve orgasm “ just use a few drops on him or yourself and see if that helps. There are lots of fun kinds to try, from flavored to warming & cooling lubes.
  • They say practice makes perfect, so try using a vibrator, either by yourself or with your partner. There is something about the steady stroke of these little guys that helps a woman to achieve satisfaction. 
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