Budget-Friendly Summer Date Ideas

Let’s be honest, there is just way too many fun things we want to do in the summer¦and a majority of them just cost way too much money. So how are we supposed to spend these awesome few months enjoying the heat and the sun and the fun, with our man by our side, without spending an arm and a leg?

We know! Read on¦

Eat local
And by local we mean really local. Seek out a farmers market in your area and head out early one weekend to pick out yummy, fresh, and affordable good for you and your man. Then head home and spend the rest of your day chopping and mixing and cooking up a feast for just the two of you to enjoy together¦right in your very own home.

Catch a game
Sure it would be great if we could all afford to hit up a Major League game every weekend, but some of us just don’t have the luxury. Doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the love of the sport though! Stock up a bag full of cold drinks and yummy snacks and check out a rec league game going on in your local area, instead. You’ll likely be surprised to find that it can be just as enjoyable to spend your afternoon cheering on a group of little leaguers, as it is to cheer on the big timers.

Have an ice cream date
There is nothing better than busting through the summer heat with an afternoon walk for ice cream. But really, who wants to (or can afford to) spend $5 on a simple ice cream cone? Not us, thanks very much. Instead, hit up the supermarket with your man, grab some cones and your ice cream of choice and make your own treats at home before you head out for a walk.  

Source cheap thrills
You’d be surprised how many typical date night activities actually have days or times that you can take full advantage of their services at a discounted rate. Movies, comedy clubs, restaurants, bars, pool halls, and bowling alleys are just a few places where you and your honey can hang and have fun for less this summer.

Sit out for a moonrise
Let’s be honest, as romantic as watching a sunset is, sometimes it is just too darn hot during the summer months. Instead, wait until the rays have disappeared for the evening and then make your way to a special spot where the two of you can cuddle amongst the warm breezes and watch the moon rise.

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