6 Signs He Might Propose This Holiday Season

If you’ve been in a relationship for a while the holiday season seems to always be a somewhat stressful time of the year. No matter how many times you tell yourself that you wouldn’t love a romantic Christmas engagement¦ we all know that no girl would ever turn down her dream dude on one knee in the height of the most wonderful time of the year. So, to prevent getting your hopes up for nothing, here’s how to clue into whether your guy is planning on popping the big Q this holiday season.

1. Your favourite ring went MIA

This is hands-down the most obvious sign he might be about to propose. If in the months leading up to the holidays you notice that one day your favourite ring suddenly goes missing and then oddly reappears, there is likely a good chance that it might have been temporarily stolen to figure out your size.

2. He’s suddenly besties with your bestie

Who do you think is the first person your guy is going to go to when he wants to start hunting for the perfect gem to put on your finger? If your guy and your fave girl are all of a sudden more chatty and whispery, the chances are that the two of them know a secret that you aren’t in on yet¦

3. And suddenly everyone loves him too

Not just your bestie, but if other friends and family members (particularly dad) are suddenly raving about how awesome your guy is any chance they get, then there is probably a good chance that they have intel and are really, truly excited for you and your future.

4. He suddenly won’t let you clean a certain area of the house

If he suddenly becomes very peculiar about putting away his own boxers in his underwear drawer or about your desire to tidy up his office, there is likely a good reason “ the boy is probably harbouring a big ol’ rock somewhere in a specific spot in the house and doesn’t want you to stumble upon it.

5. He’s gone cheap

Your boyfriend, who is always the first guy to pick up the cheque or buy the first round at the bar, has suddenly superglued his wallet closed¦ and that’s when you can get him out at all. Chances are if he’s watching his pennies a lot lately, he’s got a big investment on his mind.

6. Customs searches cause a LOT of stress

If you and your guy are taking a holiday trip and you notice he gets suspiciously worked up at the idea of possibly having his baggage checked by the customs agents, you can probably guess that he’s got something worth hiding (and we’re not talking about his extensive condom stash).

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