Tips for Waking Up Tired Eyes

Late nights and early mornings only ever lead to tired eyes, but instead of caking on concealer and chugging cups of coffee, take the following points into consideration so that you’ll look rested and refreshed.

1. Under-eye highlighter
True, we told you not to go makeup overboard, but provided you pick up a quality highlighting stick, your beauty regimen will hardly change. Waking up tired eyes is easy when it comes to concealing dark circles or bags, but avoid the standard concealer or foundation and opt for a product like the Smashbox Photo Op Under Eye Brightener ($22) instead. Since products like this highlight skin instead of covering up tired eyes (or underneath), you’ll immediately look brightened and ready for the day.

2. White eyeliner
Believe it or not, white eyeliner can open and wake up tired eyes as long as you keep it worn on the bottom eyelid. By lining the tear line of your eye, you’ll be attracting light and counteracting dark circles, while making eyes look big and bright. However, if you’re not partial to white eyeliner, simply avoid all dark under-eye makeup: since too much dark eyeliner or shadow can give you the raccoon effect, you’ll enhance dark circles or bags.

3. Curl eyelashes
Our eyes tend to swell and appear smaller when we’re sleep-deprived, so to wake up tired eyes in only one step, simply curl your eyelashes. Curled eyelashes will open eyes, and create the illusion of brightness “ especially if you apply about three coats of mascara to draw attention to your thick lashes.

4. Cucumber pieces
We can hardly discuss waking up tired eyes without mentioning the tried-and-true cucumber treatment “ the perfect go-to for mornings where you’ve got time to give yourself some TLC. Since cucumber helps spark hydration, you’ll help soothe your tired eyes and diminish swelling and redness in a natural way. Just make sure to keep the cucumber chilled since the combination of the vegetable’s water content and its cold temperature will make puffiness reduce even faster.

5. Use green tea bags
And borrowing from the same page as cucumber slices, you can wake up tired eyes in another natural way by using green tea teabags to reduce dark circles. Put the wet (or used) teabags in the freezer for 20 minutes, and then place them on your face for about 15 more. While some argue that combining green tea bags and Preparation H works even better, you may want to try sticking to all-natural methods before taking the chemical route.


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