Best Friend Gift Ideas

The holidays are here, the commercials are on, and the urge to buy gift cards is being suppressed by the desire to find fantastic best friend gift ideas. But while the tried and true presents guarantee the token you shouldn’t have, nothing beats the feeling of finding a present that means a little bit more. That’s why we’ve come up with this list of budget-friendly and sentimental best friend gift ideas “ the days of gift receipts are behind you.

1. Bridesmaids-channeled gift box
We all remember that scene in Bridesmaids (no, not that one), where Annie gives Lillian a box filled with legitimate nostalgia, proving that when it comes to best friend gift ideas, nothing means more than a walk down memory lane. A photo, her favourite snacks, a mixed CD with yours and her favourite songs, her number one tea, and any other items that constitute as stocking stuffers are one of the ultimate best friend gift ideas “ especially if wrapped in a box covered in photos or other images that represent your friendship. Monetary value has nothing on this.

2. Antique photograph and frame
Middle school called for photos and friends forever picture frames, but in the real world, best friend gift ideas call for a little more creativity. But before you consider getting a photo blown up into a quilt (not that you would do that because who does?), scour an antique market or vintage store’s old photo section. You’ll likely stumble upon a legitimate retro photograph that sums up your friendship entirely (example: two old ladies on a couch, two little girls dressed up at a birthday party, etc.) and by putting it in a swanky frame, you’ll have given her both art and a thoughtful memento.

3. Reading material
You may think that sentimental best friend gift ideas are reserved only for DIY presents or those that require more than a quick purchase, but we all know that books can go a long way. Has your BFF mentioned a new life phase? Pick her up a book that you know will inspire her. Is she making a career change? Find a title that represents that career or the memoir of someone within it. Is she in the midst of a mid-20s identity crisis? Get her a book that helped you through the same thing. The only catch: the best best friend gift ideas come from the heart, so don’t just pick her up a top 40 novel in hopes it’ll cost enough to mean something.

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