How to Carve Out More Couple Time

In these hectic times, it can be difficult for a couple to find much alone time. During the holiday season it can be downright impossible, but at any time of year, the stress of everyday life can interfere with being a couple as well. Work, fitness, friends, family, it seems at times as if everything else takes priority over a relationship. Looking for ways to carve out more couple time for you and your guy? See below.

1) Unplug on weekends
When the weekend comes around, unplug, sign off, and change your status to do not disturb.  Couple time should not involve two people sitting side by side on iPhones, laptops, Blackberries, or other social media devices. Texting and e-mailing does not count as couple time. Turn off the TV and DVD player, too, and spend some time together.

2) Organize
Sit down and plan out your couple time just the way you would plan out your work day. Even if it takes setting up an appointment, if that’s the only way to find couple time, do it! Use your calendar to plan out work, errands, workouts and couple time. Just like everything else, if you wait around for the time to make itself, it will never happen.

3) Connect
Really take the time to connect with your better half. Don’t just sit down and grab the remote and some take out “ talk to each other, make each other laugh, discuss your day, your week, your life plans. Each of you should try to come up with topics you’ve never discussed before, even if it’s something as silly as ˜what I’d do if I inherited millions of dollars’ or ˜what type of movie would I be the perfect star in?’ Whatever it takes to really connect to each other as a couple.

4) Set a date night once a month
Not a date as in spending the night together, but a real date. Dinner, drinks, dancing, a movie, whatever it is the two of you love to do as a couple. And don’t invite friends! This should be a true date “ think first date excitement, romance, candlelight, whatever. Get a mani-pedi, have your hair done, and buy a new dress. A real date is a great way to show how much you still cherish each other and really want to make time for each other.

5) Be consistent
Once you’ve taken the time to, well, make time, keep it up. Don’t make that reconnection a one-time thing, make it a consistent happening in your lives. Use the tips above (and come up with a few of your own) to keep your couple time steady, and see how much it improves your relationship.


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