What’s in a job?

One of the first questions we ask a potential suitor when we first meet them is what they do for a living. Not only is it an easy conversation starter, but it is a way for us to gage whether a person is a bona fide “catch” or not. Surprisingly, however, not all of the best professions make for the best partners. So which jobs fall into the “go for it” category and who falls in to the “no go” category? Here’s our list…


The Winners

Dentist: Think of how much you hate the dentist. Now think of how he always manages to put you at ease when you are there. Dentists tend to be patient, understanding, and compassionate people who have a relatively high profile job without all the stress and time consumption of a doctor. Plus, he’ll have a great smile.

Engineer: A high paying job without a huge demand on his time or his stress levels. The only thing that is in demand, is him. There will always be jobs for engineers, no matter what field he studied in. So you’ll never have to worry about him going for broke. Oh, and he’s probably uber smart.

Teacher: Probably some of the most patient and understanding people in the world are teachers. They are often passionate about their careers and about people, and they have great schedules and the whole summer off. And he loves kids. A-freakin-dorable.

The Losers

Lawyers: Long hours, late nights, and endless paperwork is the life of a lawyer. Sure the income is great and it’s always impressive to tell people you’re dating a lawyer but these types tend to be a bit cold and competitive. Winning is everything. They are always right. And let’s be serious, they kind of make a living off of lying.

Entertainer/artist: Yes, we all get the appeal of the guy who “play guitar for this band” or the passionate artist who spends his day painting barefoot in nothing but a pair of lose fitting Levi’s. But believe us, no matter how sexy he is, his pay check probably won’t be. And groupies are lame.

Bartenders: Closely tied in with the whole “entertainer” circle, these guys work terrible hours and make terrible money. And if he is good looking enough to overlook all of that, he’s probably got hundreds of scantily-clad females throwing themselves at him every, single night. These guys are not for the faint-of-heart.

Police Officer: Aside from long hours and shift work, being a police officer is a lifestyle, not just a career. This elusive “boys club” can be hard to understand and the on-going power trip can be even harder to deal with. Plus they do have a bit of a reputation for “serving and protecting” multiple women at once.

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