Are You a Good Date?

Being a good date isn’t about being “impressive.” It’s about finding ways to make sure you have fun. Put yourself first! If you’re having relaxed and fun, he will be, too. It’s that simple, but it takes confidence. These tips will help you bring your ‘A’ game to your date. 

You’d want to do it anyway

Choosing an activity that you would just want to do with or without him, will ensure you have a good time. It’s all about being comfortable. If you’re doing something completely out of your comfort zone on a first date, chances are you’ll probably feel less comfortable. Make the odds work in your favour. If he suggests doing something that seems totally wacky to you, don’t be afraid to offer another suggestion. He just wants you to have fun, too.

You live in the moment

It’s hard to do this anyway, let alone on a date when your anxiety levels are high. But being able to be present, doing whatever you’re doing, means that you’ll be able to respond in ways that just work. You’ll be able to connect with each other. Living in the moment on a date is about trusting yourself. Don’t prepare talking points ahead of time – they’ll just distract you. Just be confident and trust yourself! If you mess up or it’s not perfect, remember that no one is interested in dating anyone who doesn’t seem real anyway. 

You ask good questions

Any question that has a concrete answer is a good question. People love talking about themselves, so chances are if you’re asking him questions about his work, sports, family, etc., and you’re listening, he’ll be enjoying the conversation. When in doubt, ask questions. If you need some guidance in this department (and who doesn’t), consult our list of questions to ask on a first date to find out what’s ok and what’s not.  

You feel good about yourself

Having a solid sense of your own self worth means that you don’t need to prove it to anyone. This takes a lot of the pressure out of the dating game, and it’s just more fun that way. Wear something that makes you feel great, do whatever you need to do to be in a great mood beforehand, and then clear your head. Don’t take any of the day’s baggage with you. Just relax and allow yourself to have a good time. 

You’re optimistic

A great date isn’t fazed by a less than stellar restaurant experience, getting lost on the bus, or even when the conversation hits a stomach wrenching lag. A great date always has their eye on the greater picture and knows that a couple little slip ups in one date aren’t going to ruin the relationship. More importantly, her self confidence. Don’t make yourself believe, for any period of time, that this date is the “be all end all.”


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