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Ask yourself this question right now: Am I confident person? If you had to pause to think about it, your probably not 100% sure of your own confidence level. But that’s O.K. In fact its better than O.K – its great, because there is no better time to change the way you feel about yourself than right now! Check out these five easy confidence-building tips to build up your self-esteem and guide you to a positive frame of mind.

1. Walk with your head held high
Most people don’t pay attention to the way they’re walking but if they did some people would notice that they’re committing the ultimate confidence destroyer – walking with their head down. If you’re shy or not used to walking with a straight posture, try this helpful tip: focus on items on the street that are at an eyes sight level. It could be a mailbox, a street lamp or even a store up ahead.  The more you do this you’ll see how easy it is and how comfortable and encouraging looking up can be to your self-esteem.

2. Think positive, do positive
Whether you’re having a bad day or you feel unattractive, just take a moment and tell yourself something good. You can think positive thoughts at anytime and anywhere and your day will get better. Try and look at everything from ‘rose colored glasses’, and make your actions mirror your thoughts. You’ll see that there is nothing better than positive vibes to instantly make you feel.

3. Spend quality time… with yourself
With work, relationships or school, we become too busy to get time to reflect on our own and we depend on others to be our encouragers. While it’s ok to have some support from a loved one, being your own best friend and dedicating some time strictly for you can give you an instant confidence boost. Take up a hobby, read a book, stare in your mirror for hours on end – no matter what it is, taking care of yourself first will make you genuinely feel good and confident about who you are.

4. Write down a list of all of your accomplishments, both current and long-term
Chances are you’ve accomplished a lot in your life but you never really had a chance to sit down and notice all of them. This is where a list or a ‘vision board’, as so perfectly coined by The Secret writer Rhonda Byrne, will come in handy. Write down every single life-goal, accomplishment and aspirations that you have attained within the past year. Put the list somewhere you know you’ll see it and walk by it everyday – yes, every single day. Getting a visual look at your accomplishments will give you instant gratification and encourage you to accomplish more.

5. Develop your own daily affirmation
If you’ve ever practiced any type of yoga, you’ll know that at the end of every session everyone is asked to repeat a mantra, that will help them find inner peace. You can also do the same thing except with your own personalized affirmation. It can be about a job, a relationship or just about your life in general. Whatever it is, repeat it over and over for a minute a day, preferably in the morning. By repeating these words, you’ll begin to believe them and in turn feel better about yourself.

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