5 Tips for Changing Your Dating Attitude

Everyone falls into a dating rut now and then. Sometimes it’s because you and the guy you are dating just do the same old thing again and again (no, not that.) Or it may be that you have dated several different guys and the relationships just never seem to work out. Sometimes a girl just gets a run of bad luck in the dating world, but there are things you can do to change your dating attitude and get out of that rut. Looking for some tips on changing your dating attitude? Try a few of the ones below.

Get outdoors
This is a great way to either meet new guys or liven up a relationship that has gone stale. Instead of the usual dinner date, try getting outside for your dates. Whether you’re hiking, biking, or even just walking the nature trails of a nearby park, you never know who you might meet. You’ll enjoy the benefits of fresh air and exercise and help yourself break out of that dating rut.  

Date outside your type
If you are stuck in a dating rut it might be that you are dating the same type of guy over and over. Take a look at the last few guys you had a failed relationship with, and see what they had in common. If you find you have only been dating investment bankers, or guys who love sports, or some other type of guy, try accepting that date from the guy you never would have considered your type.

Try something new
Sign up for skydiving lessons, join a gym, start attending a night class, whatever strikes you as fun and interesting. Taking classes is a great way to break out of your rut and learn new things. This works equally well for meeting new guys or just livening up an existing relationship “ either way will help adjust your relationship attitude and learn something new.

Venture outside your comfort zone
If you are shy or unadventurous or like to stay at home and watch television at night, try thinking of three things that make you uncomfortable (no, not walking down the street naked.) Things like talking to the guy behind you in the grocery store, asking that cute new guy at work to lunch, or even going to a movie by yourself. By taking a step outside your comfort zone, you’ll increase your confidence and open up new opportunities for dating.

Take a look at yourself
Hard to believe, but after all, what’s the one thing all your failed relationships have in common? That’s right, you. And if your problem is that you are in a relationship but not satisfied with it, think about if there is anything you could do to help the relationship improve.  Like trying some of the tips above to change your attitude!

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