5 Fun Double Date Ideas

One of the best things about being in a relationship is hanging out with other couples. No one is the third wheel, everyone has someone to talk to, and if you run out of things to say to one person, there are two other people to chat with. Here are some fun things to do with another couple, you know, when going to dinner and a movie isn't as exciting as it used to be.


Board Game Night


While there are lots of options for games for two, there are even more fun games for four people or more. Try Cranium (you compete in teams of two, completing challenges involving acting, drawing, and sculpting) or Cards Against Humanity (a hilarious, and sometimes vulgar, game of cards where players finish sentences by selecting from the cards they have in their hands). Board games are the best with another couple because it takes the pressure off having to talk about your lives all night.


Wii Video Game Night


Super Mario Bros. And Super Mario Kart are both great multi-player games. So drag your Play Station-obsessed boyfriend out of his nerd cave and play some video games with another couple. With the option of four players participating at once, Wii is the perfect way to make sure no one is left out. If the guys want to revert back to GTA V after a couple hours, well, at least you tried.


Bowling or Playing Pool


I've never met anyone who doesn't like bowling. And who can resist those shoes? Going bowling with another couple is a great way to add some competition to your evening. Playing pool is another fun way to supplement a trip to the local pub with something other than shots of tequila. You can play as a team, or take turns facing off against each other.


Wine Tasting or Brewery Tours


Take a drive out to a winery and taste test some of their wine. If you are more of a beer crowd, check out one of the many local breweries in your area. A lot of breweries also have a restaurant and/or bar on site, if you want to sit down for a nice dinner afterwards. Having a few drinks will loosen everyone up and take any awkwardness out of the double date thing.


Pub Trivia Night


Most pub trivia nights require a team of at least 4 people, so this is the perfect idea for a double date. Pick a couple that knows a topic you aren't as confident in, like politics, or U.S history, and you're sure to seem like the smartest team in the whole place . Add some drinks, and an appetizer or two and it's a competitive and maybe even educational night out.

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