How His Job Can Affect Your Relationship

When you are putting together your ideal man checklist (come on, every girl has that mental checklist), a hardworking person with a great job is usually a must-have. His job title may have no impact on whether or not you’d date him, but keep in mind that what he does for a living and his attitude about work could have a significant impact on your happiness. Recognizing how his nine to five will play a part in your relationship will help you stay together for the long term.

All Work and No Play
Firstly, there is absolutely nothing wrong with someone who works hard. Many jobs require a lot of overtime work, late nights and early mornings. If you are okay with your partner slaving through the night to prepare for a big case or invent the next Facebook, then there is nothing to worry about. But, if you are not okay with the fact that you’ll be going it alone most of the time, figure that out before you get in too deep. His passion for his job is certainly inspiring; his overtime work may pay for lovely gifts, but if it leaves you frowning while you eat dinner alone night after night, then this type is just not for you.

No One Likes a Complainer
Now let’s take a look at the opposite:  a guy, who is uninspired, complains about going into the office and could care less about bringing home the bacon, can get quite annoying. You work hard for your money and you expect him to as well.  Someone who is unmotivated and is simply bored of the work routine can put a damper on things. Not everyone will land their dream job, especially in an economy like ours. Although times are tough, someone who can’t commit to their job may have problems committing to you.

You Have to Love His Job Too!
It is important that you support what he does for a living. He needs you in his corner, just like you need his support. If for some reason you disapprove of his job, for example he is a meat butcher and you are a vegetarian, you may struggle with accepting what he does. Knowing what makes you tick and either learning to let go and accept it or nipping it in the butt before it becomes a big problem is important. Let him know you are not keen on what he does for a living and perhaps he can shed some light on why it isn’t so bad after all. And if you just can’t stand it, perhaps he is just not the guy for you.

It is unfair to judge someone based on what they do for a living but taking into account how it may affect your relationship is important, because you may be with that person for the long term and those tiny problems could become major road blocks later on. Keep in mind that this is a two way street, he may feel the same when it comes to your job. Communicate and air out all your concerns off the bat. If he works late, you can set aside a date night where he will make sure to be home early. If he is uninspired, you can help him find something else in another field that might spark his interest. Every problem comes with a solution and if he is the one, his job is a problem worth tackling.

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