Start Dating Again! Here’s How

All right, you’ve done it. You’ve survived another round of holiday parties as the token single girl, the one that no one kissed as the clock struck midnight to ring in 2013. But now you’ve had enough. This year you’ve sworn that it all going to change. This year you are going to get your groove back, this year you’re going to put yourself back out there. But how? Where do you even begin? Maybe it’s only been weeks, maybe it’s been years. So how does one go about getting back into the dating game? And what are the rules in 2013? Read on and then get your date on!

Know real vs. rebound

There is a very fine line between being ready to get into something real and just looking for a rebound. Make sure, before anything else, you know exactly what you are looking for with regards to a relationship. Don’t jump back into the dating pool, hoping to find your soul mate, if you aren’t really over your ex. And on the flip side, don’t go around throwing off love vibes with dudes, if you’re just looking for a casual fling. Neither will end in your favour girl.

Bust out of your comfort zone

You know when you hear people say that they “hate meeting people at the bar”? Well duh, of course you do, because if you’re always meeting people at the bar, you are always meeting the same kinds of people. Try something new this year “ join a running club or sign up for a cooking class, you just might be surprised who you run into when you broaden your horizons just a bit.

Get online

Okay, we get it, the online dating world still scares a lot of people, especially those who have been out of the dating game for a while. Well, we’re telling you to get over it. And then get online. Not only will it expose you to a much larger and much more varied pool of eligible men than you will probably ever meet in the real world, but unlike in the real world, if you are hating it, you log off and it all goes away. Simple enough.

Have fun!

FYI ladies, dating is supposed to be FUN! If you are finding it to be more of a chore than a pleasure maybe you need to decide whether you really want to be dating right now or if you’re doing it because everyone else is. Keeping your options open and having the freedom to go out with whomever you want, whenever you want is one of the joys of dating life, so enJOY it!

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