Style: Starting Over in 2013

It’s a new year! And with a new year comes a reason for us to finally “ finally “ justify a wardrobe makeover. But this doesn’t mean you need to throw out everything you have and start again. (Who has the time or money for that?) What it does mean is that you can use your own style to help inspire the fashion changes you’ve been meaning to make. Here’s how. 

1. Consider whose fashion you aspire to
First and foremost, this doesn’t mean, copy them. You’re your own person with your own awesome personality, so you don’t need to copy anyone, ever. However, being influenced is totally valid. When you watch movies, read books, or listen to music, whose style do you tend to swoon over? Odds are, there’s a theme. Do you like the ultra preppy looks of, say, Gossip Girl (RIP)? Or are you into the vintage looks of Mad Men or The Hour? Figure that out, and the rest will follow.

2. Figure out what you wear most
We all have favourite pieces we’d seriously wear every day if that weren’t unsanitary or bizarre. So go into your closet or your dresser and pull those pieces out. Odds are, they also have a theme. Do they fall in-line with the fashion you admire? Or do they stand out on their own? Regardless, keep them aside as you . . .

3. Clean out your closet
Ugh, am I right, friends? But it’s a necessary evil. First, get rid of anything you haven’t worn in a year. You won’t wear it again, and it’s taking up precious closet and/or dresser space. Then, take the pieces you do wear “ but hate “ and put them in a pile on their own. (Why we have those clothes, I don’t know. But I finally got rid of a plaid dress I’ve owned since 2009 last week, and it was glorious.) Then, sort the clothes you usually wear for work (or whatever), and feel nothing for. And then finally, look at the pile of what you love. Anything you can get rid of in the hate and meh piles, do it.

4. Come up with a clothing budget
Now that you’ve whittled down what you own to what you love, like, or at least tolerate, it’s budget time. A new year is the perfect time to begin budgeting to begin with, so instead of just spending money on more pieces you don’t care about, set aside a certain amount of money per cheque or per month so you can pick up pieces you want. Surprisingly, you’ll actually find yourself saving money because you won’t be shopping without purpose “ and you’ll only be spending the money you expected to in the first place. That means, more money goes to Visa payments, bills, food, and whatever else, while also building the wardrobe of your dreams. 

5. And if anyone says anything about your new look, shut them down
Some people are the worst. But for the most part, the majority of said critics just wish they had the guts to do their own thing, too. Thus, as Drake says, YOU DO YOU. And as long as you feel confident and capable of world domination, who cares what anybody else thinks? YGG. (You go, girl!) 

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