5 Surprising Sex Facts!

Ever wonder how you can help you and your partner get that perfect orgasm? The answer is surprisingly simple. Here are 5 surprising sex facts and tips to enjoy yourself (even more) in the bedroom.

1)    Average penis size:

Recent studies suggest that the average size of an erect penis is at 5.57 inches. Studies also suggest that men are surprisingly honest about their ‘size’ and have often quoted the correct length that places them between the 5-6 inch average range.

2)    Being Hydrated leads to better orgasms:

The body is full of fluids and being hydrated helps your ability to achieve an orgasm!  

3)    Keep your feet warm:

Cold feet can damper your ability to climax during sex. It sends your blood to warm up your cold extremities. Wearing socks or cuddling under blankets can lead to happy endings. 

4)    Sex can make you look younger:

Having regular sex (2-3 times a week), studies say that individuals can look and feel younger! Sex releases anti-inflammatory molecules that can help repair your skin and generate endorphins. Sex can also help boot your immune system if you have active sex, which can help improve your health and give your skin a nice glow!

5)    Sex as exercise:

Arguments have been made that suggest sex can count as exercise depending on the position and duration of the ‘activity’. If you are doing most of the work and are active for 30 minutes you can burn up to 200 calories. 

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