How the Royal Wedding Etiquette Measures Up

There are currently few privileges in the public eye that can top being invited to the royal wedding. With Brit celeb royalty on the RSVP like Elton John and David and Victoria Beckham, the guest list is the hottest place to be across the pond. But that invitation comes with rules “ some outright, some assumed. Wedding planners and etiquette advisors gave guests some friendly advice on how to behave on Will & Kate’s big day. Read on to see how our favourite guidelines stack up to wedding etiquette in the real world.

Royal wedding: Choose an outfit that blends in.

No one wants to be the tramp at a royal wedding, but you also want to look stylish and elegant enough to be there. Hats are a Brit guest’s saving grace here.

Real wedding: For God’s sake, don’t look hotter than the bride.

Better to be the tramp than the bitch who shows up the bride on her big day. Stick to vomit-reminiscent colours (grayish olive greens and yellowy 70s brown are generally unflattering unless you’re Adriana Lima) or anything with paisley. The ultimate combo should be described as: It’s like paisley threw up.

Royal wedding: Don’t touch the royals.

Yes, Michelle Obama can drape a friendly arm around The Queen, but you can get away with anything when you have arms like those (the O-Bombs as I like to call them). Stick to a friendly wave if you don’t wake up to Barack every morning.

Real wedding: Keep the friendly touches away from the groom.

Nothing says marriage like a man’s first night in the doghouse “ but let’s try to avoid making it his wedding night.

Royal wedding: Bow or curtsey to the royal family.

Technically, this is no longer required. However, it’s still a sign of respect for members of Britain or the Commonwealth countries to demurely bow or curtsey to the royal family.

Real wedding: Who the hell is the curtsey girl?

She must be that socially awkward second cousin we were warned about.

If you find yourself a little too caught up in the royal wedding fever and feel a curtsey coming on, just make it a smooth transition to The Running Man. If the recipient responds with The Sprinkler, you’re home free.

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