Classic Beauty Looks to Steal from Kate

Kate Middleton catapulted to fame when she started dating Prince William. But during their long courtship she’s built a niche of her own as a beauty and fashion icon. Famous for her natural beauty just slightly accented, Kate isn’t one to pile on the makeup. In her capacity as a beauty icon, Kate always manages an effortlessly done look without falling into overdone territory. Here, our favourite classic Kate beauty looks and how to re-create them.

Flawless complexion

There are few celebs who can rock a matte complexion like Kate. The trick to a good matte face is to avoid looking washed out or cakey. Kate isn’t partial to the dewy skin face, and it works for her. Flawless skin is timeless, and this royal fiancé©e knows all styles built to last.

To get the look, try Cover FX Total Coverage Cream Foundation with SPF 30, $42.

B - Cover FX Foundation 300x400

Earth tones

B is for beige, brown and boooring ¦ unless you’re Kate Middleton. The future princess knows a classic neutral goes a long way, but keeps her eyeshadow in flattering shades and uses it sparingly.

To get the look, try Dior’s 5-Colour Eyeshadow in Earth Reflection, $58. Layer the lighter beiges across your lids and use the darker browns as accents.

B - Dior Eyeshadow 300x400

Smokin’ eyes

Kate definitely has a penchant for dark eyeliner. It’s rare to see her without her signature kohl-lined peepers, but she knows where to draw the line (literally). No cateye or smudging here “ just a clean line for this polished princess.

To get the look, try Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner, $21, to avoid creating a harsh line with a pencil.

B - Bobbie Brown Liner 300x400

Peachy nude lip

Our favourite of Kate’s signature beauty looks is her nude peach lip. Not quite nude, but not quite pink, Kate’s peachy keen on this lip colour. It’s not hard to see why “ it accents her skin tone and subtly highlights the pink in her lips.

To get the look, try NARS Lipstick in Barbarella, $24.

B - NARS Lipstick 300x400

Sympatico Image


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