Product Review: Diorskin Nude BB Creme

What it is:

Diorskin Nude BB Creme is the first BB cream offering from the iconic brand. It claims to have a blend of antioxidants, moisturizes, and SPF to smooth, protect and correct the skin with sheer coverage. Available in four shades to match every skin tone (Light 001, Fair 002, Medium 003 and Dark 004) it says the “complexion is illuminated with a unique fresh glow and dewy finish”. It goes for $48 (30 ml, available April 2013). The pump style container dispenses about a nickel size amount of product in one pump. The website claims it is the “dream combination of skin care and make-up”.

How to use it:

A single pump should be enough to cover the entire face, so don’t be too liberal with the pump as you do not want to waste product, especially at this price point. Allot a single pumps worth of product equally to the centre of the forehead, the nose, each cheek and the chin to properly cover the entire face. You can use your fingers or a brush to spread and blend the product around but avoid a sponge as it will soak up too much product. I used a foundation brush to help spread the product properly and reach small corners and distribute the cream evenly and quickly.

And the verdict is:

The product makes five benefit claims about the cré¨me but really delivers properly on only two of them. It claims to: correct transparently, lights the skin up with a fresh glow, gently hydrates, instantly smoothes and protects, day after day.

It delivers on it’s claims when it comes to correcting transparently as it is a sheer coverage formula. It contains an SPF to “protect, day after day” but the SPF is only at a 10, which is less than the other foundations they carry (those contain upwards of 30). It has a very slight dewy finish (I mean incredibly slight), so it is very wearable without worry of transfer or, alternatively, looking shiny and greasy. However, there was no hydrating feeling to the skin and after a weeks’ worth of use, I’m not sure I’ve noticed any improvement in my skin in any way along with no significant smoothing effects. I would not, repeat, not wear this without my moisturizer and SPF underneath. It is simply not emollient or protective enough for the sunnier days ahead. The colour I used (Medium 003) has a slight orange/peach tint to it, which does give me a “glow”. From what I hear about the colour range, this is common, as the other shades have either a slight pink or orange tint to them. For anyone with sensitivity to fragrances, steer clear. This is a scented BB cream which may not suit you should you react to fragranced products easily.

Is it worth the hype:

ou don’t always win when it comes to a high end brand and if you are looking for a great BB cream with incredible benefits for your skin and proper medium colour coverage, you can find less expensive alternatives within most cosmetic brands. I did only use it for a week, which is not a lot of time for a skin care products benefits to take action however, it’s not claiming to do very much for the skin. The SPF is also so low (SPF 10), I wouldn’t use this in place of a separate, daily SPF. With that being said, this is an excellent skin tint that has a nice finish and texture. It would be ideal for girls with combination/oily skin who don’t like to wear heavy, full coverage foundation but still want to even out their skin tone. This product is perhaps miscategorized as a BB cream and should still be given it’s due credit. Less a BB cream and more a fantastic, sheer coverage colour face product.

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